ACV treated my dry/dandruff scalp and buildup and helps with cornrows

by Anonymous

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse helps with Cornrows

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse helps with Cornrows

French translation

I have natural black hair. I washed my hair and had a huge build up in my scalp after using a hot oil treatment. I already usually have a build up from hair products, drandruff and so forth so it was awful.

So I decided to rinse with the diluted apple cider solution and my scalp was so clean it was unbelievable.
I never get my scalp totally clean even after several shampooing and I did a scratch test and it was absolutely great.

I'm so glad I tried it. What products do you use in your hair after you wash it?

Anyways, my new found happy spot...I don't have to feel embarrassed about a dry scalp when I have it in conrow. Also it left my hair really soft.

I wore my hair out in a fluff for church on Sunday all day and the night when I was preparing to put it into two conrows, I was not fighting'm impressed!

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