ACV turns my naturally curly 'friz' into beautiful shiny wavy ringlets!

by Sylvie B
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Hair with wavy ringlets

Hair with wavy ringlets

French translation

Very recently (1 week) I have been spraying an ACV concoction (1 tsp to spray bottle full of RO water) onto my dry hair daily in the morning.

This transforms my hair into beautiful natural wavy ringlets. I also have been using a pre-poo of 1 cup ACV to 1 cup Reverse
Osmosis Water in a spray bottle, soaking my hair in this, and leaving in hair for 1/2 hour before shampooing.

I am hoping that this accelerates hair growth AND helps with hair shedding.

I just turned 65 and am celebrating by growing my silver-white hair down to my belly button - I'm half-way there!!!

As of today I am going to consume 1 TBSP of ACV with RO water before bed to lower fasting blood sugar levels and strengthen

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