ACV Weight Loss...What A Bonus!!

by Bill Lohr
(Sun Prairie, WI)

French translation

I investigated ACV while searching for healthy ingredients for my wife's dog treats.

Along with the marvels of Honey and Cinnamon, I learned how fabulous ACV is for virtually every part of our bodies. So, every day, for about 2 months, I've been pouring a small amount of ACV into my mug, adding some warm water and drinking it while getting ready to leave for work..The whole process takes about 60 seconds.

I enjoy a can of V-8 on my 30 minute drive to work and begin my day. Although I'm regularly a friendly and active member of our store, I feel very strongly that all aspects of my physical and emotional well-being has improved..As well as my sales performance,(Top-Guy now!)

The afore-mentioned 'bonus' is that I apparently lost about 10 pounds through the simple effort of drinking a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar every day. At age 58, I am now down to my 28 year-old fighting weight of 175 pounds..Pretty cool!

Last week, I bought a bottle of a more 'real' ACV and made a 'concoction' of ACV, pure Honey, Bee Pollen and Cinnamon and took it to my 'gang' at work for all to try...I now have 4 new believers.

One thing, for sure, that I noticed is that it cleans a guy out..I 'poop' really good every day. But, a 'super-added feature' that I didn't expect is that the Hemoroid issue that I've been challenged with for the last 3 years is almost a thing of the past! Now, how the heck did that happen?...I have done absolutely nothing different!

I humbly suggest that everyone look-up ACV benefits, Honey benefits and Cinnamon benefits on Google..You'll be amazed! It's even great for most pets!!

Your Pal...Bill

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