ACV wonderful for my mare for clicking joints & biting flies

by Pat
(South Australia)

French translation

I have an 18 year old mare who hated flies and would go ape when they were bad.

She has now been on ACV nightly (about half cup in her feed) for the past 3 months and she now tolerates flies on her.
She does not bleed when they bite, plus there is no more clicking in the joints.

Only one problem. Should the ACV be pasteurized or not?

I buy mine from the supermarket and it seems to do the trick. - Non pasteurized, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar is recommended for internal use. This type of ACV contains more enzymes and other healthy substances and can be found in most local health food stores and even in some general grocery stores.

However, if your store bought ACV is effective for your mare, and cheaper to use, you may want to continue using it.

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Jul 18, 2015
Fly repellant - apple cider vinegar & garlic paste
by: Robyn Merino (Quito, Ecuador)

I have a horse who is very allergic to flies. Not only to they bite him, but he bites himself in furry at the pesky fly bites.

I found that mixing apple cider vinegar with garlic paste, and rubbing it into his skin when grooming has helped tremendously. Also I've started to feed him one clove of garlic minced up, in his evening grain.

He's improved remarkably. He used to have striations of raised skin from the allergy.... they've virtually gone away.

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