After 5 Months Stringhalt gone in my thoroughbred gelding thanks to ACV

by FM
(Victoria, Australia)

French translation

My thoroughbred gelding managed to get stringhalt and I was told he'd never fully recover and wouldn't get over it until at-least 18 months if I started treating right away.

I was so upset and scared that I looked up anything/everything that could help him and noticed a-lot of treatments people were saying to put in his feed was apple cider vinegar.

Jazz managed to recover in 5 months with apple cider vinegar in his feed. Best part you couldn't even notice he ever had stringhalt. Walks, trots and canters and jumps just like he used to, wouldn't ever think he had ever had it.

It is also currently helping with my Standardbred ringworm which he caught off the other aggisters horse. Sadly their horse isn't getting any treatment they don't even believe me that their horse has ringworm.

I've had the vet out to check, also caught it myself off the horses. But after couple of days its starting to go away an he is starting to feel a lot happier and healthier ^_^

I recommend to anyone & everyone that Apple Cider Vinegar is the way to go!!

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Mar 23, 2019
by: Danny

Hi FM, how much ACV were you giving your TB per day, my granddaughters OTT has just been diagnosed with the same problem. Dan

Nov 09, 2014
Root causes of Australian Stringhalt
by: wayne

Based on an analysis of nerve damage sustained by horses with Australian string halt, it is thought that this condition is cause by a mould toxin obtained from a pasture weed such as flat weed, couch grass or sheep's sorrel or it could result from a fungal poison found in the soil.

Apple cider vinegar is known to have both anti fugal and anti mould properties.

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