Apple Cider Vinegar definitely works on Shingles Virus❗

by Garry Pinkston
(Chincoteague,Va. 23336 Accomac County )

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

French translation

I HAD the Shingles Virus on my (Forehead). 😡

My Forehead just KEPT ON ITCHING ME TO DEATH while I was at Church during a Wednesday night service!

And so I went to the doctors office the next morning, and was told by the doctor that I did indeed have the shingles virus. 😡 And was prescribed pills as usual❗

But I came right back home and took 4 sheets of paper towels! Folded it up into a square, then I poured ( STRAIGHT APPLE CIDER VINEGAR ) onto the paper towel!

NEXT I just placed it onto the INFECTED ( Shingles Area ).
Next you ask " If it BURNED " ❓ The answer to that question is ( " YES AND LIKE HELL " )

I applied it a couple of times, using a different clean paper towel and guess what?

After about 3 days, I think / guess that stuff ( was completely gone and more shingles or the itching 😃 ❗❗❗

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