Apple cider vinegar for Maltese dog coat, livestock and myself.

by Mary

Rescued Maltese X Dog

Rescued Maltese X Dog

French translation

Hi there,
We looked after a little white maltese x rescued dog for about 5 days, and after a day I realized she had fleas.

I had heard somewhere that apple cider vinegar was a good remedy so I mixed up a warm water solution and gave her a sponge bath, once a day for the next couple of days.
The fleas were all gone and her coat looked beautiful, just after 2 treatments.

When we returned her to her foster home the carer commented on how beautiful she looked and asked what I had done. A very simple and effective remedy.

I also have used it in the past when we had cattle and goats. We fed it to them when they were pregnant to ensure they had an easy birth.

I also put it in the water for my chickens, along with sprigs of rosemary and thyme. It keeps them very healthy.

Oh, I also take apple cider vinegar every day myself!

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