Apple Cider Vinegar for my horses

by Dawn Harrold
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

French translation

I've used apple cider vinegar on my horses for years.

I've use it:

1. as a fly spray to repel mosquitoes, flies, ticks and other biting insects

2. in their water trough to repel internal parasites

3. mixed with feed to improve condition and give them a shiny coat.

My horses love it.

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Jul 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

My herd has been on apple cider vinegar for deworming for years.

Have stools checked once a year.

Happy kids.

Jul 18, 2016
ACV is a good horse dewormer
by: Mary (USA)

Enjoy your web site re vinegar for horses, mine have been on it as a dewormer for years.

Jul 26, 2012
How acv helps my horse
by: Brandilee (USA)

My horse was slim and not putting on weight.

I feed her a good amount but she still was not gaining weight. I started to put vegetable oil in her feed, she started to put on weight and I put in apple cider vinegar, and she is putting on weight!!!

She is a 9 year old mare, 5 year in a row barrel racing champ and still counting.

May 03, 2012
Keeping the bugs away with apple cider vinegar.
by: Anonymous from Kansas

I use apple cider-vinegar in their drinking water to keep the bugs out and the green slime that accumulates.

I didn't know I could use it for a bug spray, but I love the idea of using a safer way to keep the bugs off of them!!

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