Apple cider vinegar helps fight tartar build up
on dogs and cats teeth

by Libra Slava --Caen, Normandie France)
(Translated from French)

Salukis and Siamese

Salukis and Siamese

Tartar build up is a major problem that can develop into serious conditions as pets grow older.

French translation

As far as I am concerned, I always put a little apple cider vinegar in my dogs’ drinking water - I have 5 salukis (persan greyhounds).

Once a week, as regular as a clock, I check my dogs' teeth. Should I spot a little deposit of tartar, there is no problem removing it: I can scrape it off easily with my nail.

My dogs share their drinking water with my siamese and 9 long hair persan cats. This means I get double the benefits because my cats will not let my well intentioned fingers get to their gums and teeth !!

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