Athletes foot and ACV

by Mira Wilder
(Venice Beach, California)

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About a week ago the bottom of my foot near the toes started to itch to the point of ecstasy/ agony. When I investigated I was shocked to see bumps and redness, on the soles of my feet, and was sure that my foot was showing me the inside of my body... I had a cold, and a cough that had been going around and it's well known that feet show us our inner health.

I first went the usual way and dragged out the old can of athletes foot spray to calm the itching. Let me tell you that not only did this lousy spray powder invade my lungs, it did nothing for the itch that was driving me crazy. I have no idea how I got Athletes foot, let alone how fast it came on.

Then I remembered an old Ayurveda remedy for colds and flu which entails putting on a wet t-shirt and then a dry one over that and going to bed.

So, that's how I began my experiment: I soaked a pair of white cotton socks in the vinegar, put them on my itchy feet and then placed a pair of dry thicker socks over the wet ones and went to bed. (This is not uncomfortable at all and the wet socks begin to dry from body heat immediately.)

It was miraculous! Not only did the wet vinegar socks dry quickly under the other thicker socks, but when I took the socks off my foot; the redness and the itching were completely gone, and so were the hardened calluses that have dogged me for years, that no amount of sanding and pedicuring could take away for more than a day.

I don't know if I invented this, but it really works, and will be my treatment forever. I physically felt better and no more Athletes foot! I'm sure that most of you know about those "De-Tox pads" that one is to wear to bed and they turn black from supposed toxins lurking in your body. those pads cost a lot of money and guess what? The substance in them, that makes the detox work; is VINEGAR!

I have been a fan of ACV for around 5 years now, and this experience only cemented the knowledge that there is nothing in the world that can compete as a total healing remedy like ACV.

Forever yours,
Mira Wilder
Venice Beach, California

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Mar 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Good for you Mara. It was good for you to think about ACV at the time when you need a word or some kind of remedy.

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