Aural Plaques and ACV

by Bev
(Orange, VA USA)

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My horse has had aural plaques since I got her 14 years ago.

Just started adding ACV to her feed about a month ago. Plaques have noticeably shrunk.

Has anyone else experienced this result from feeding ACV?

I've noticed less fly bite welts on my herd of 4 since adding ACV.

Going to mix up some hoof soak and start giving that a try.

Note from
Aural plaque, also called aural papilloma, affects the inside of a horses ear and once it develops it's hard to get rid of completely.

These ear plaques are believed to be caused by a wart-causing virus, like the papilloma virus, and spread by bitting flies.

Since feeding horses apple cider vinegar makes them less attractive to biting flies and other insects and ACV is also use to get rid of warts caused by the papilloma virus, then apple cider vinegar should be doubly useful here!!

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Jul 05, 2018
ACV good for dogs & cats too
by: Gail

I give it to my dog and cat daily (as well as myself). ACV is a fermented product and feeds the good gut microbes that build healthy immune systems.

I started adding ACV to my pets food approx 8 years ago.

It started as a result of my cat getting urinary blockage in the middle of the night.

I added ACV to some tuna juice and saturated the back of her neck with ACV - within a few hours she was peeing freely. My Vet said this was a common remedy used before prescription drugs.

My cat weighs 9 pounds and I give her 1/2 teaspoon 2 times a day mixed in wet food.

My dog weighs 50 pounds and I give him 1 tablespoon 1 time a day in his dry food. I also give my dog a heaping tablespoon of organic coconut oil daily.

Sending thoughts of wellness to all of you and our precious pets. Blessings

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