AVC/HONEY/DMSO --saved my horse!

by Rose Foreman
(Pennsylvania, USA 17841)

French translation

Mixed in thirds! 60cc syringe of this mixture given orally three times daily as long as needed.

My horse was severely injured by a vet 'forced a worming hose' that broke the sinus wall. She reacted by rearing back, and blood shot from horse's nose. She stopped eating for weeks. Very bad odor from the bad blood within. Her heart rate went to highest possible rhythm.

Blood test proved she was dying from within --due to injury!
I was loosing my horse and vet was at a loss as to how to help her.

I decided on the health tonic ACV and honey, and added the healer DMSO that frightens people, and is regarded as unsafe in some instances, especially if taken orally.

I had nothing to loose! My horse swayed from weakness when I finally took her down barn aisle. Put her away knowing she would have collapsed! She had lost weight very fast.

Within 2 weeks after starting the dosage above, she started to eat small doses of shredded apples, and warm oatmeal. She fully recovered!

On DMSO. My cat was stomped on her back paw by a steer. She got gangrene. DMSO paste destroyed her gangrene very quickly! Then it came back, did the DMSO again, and again. Gangrene never returned.

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Nov 20, 2022
I did this to myself by accident
by: Danny

Not going to deny it, I got really scared. Just sharing my experience if it helps others.

It was my first time trying DMSO so after researching I felt the safety way for me to try and battle a flu at the moment was to start off slow.

I did 1/2 glass of very purified water and 7 drops of DMSO. Was scared but went for it. I had no reactions so figured I was in the safe.

Hours passed but still the same day at night while getting ready to try and go to sleep I prepared a shot glass of raw honey and apple cider vinegar.

Oh boy let me tell you… the minute I felt that vinegar hit my belly, it felt like a nuke had gone off inside me. Keep in mind all this was happening simultaneously.

I quickly got nauseous, week, dizzy, and I could feel as if the mushroom effect seen from a nuke was just traveling all over my body but started it my gut area.
I got clammy to the point that I could feel my whole body just releasing something through my sweat glands cause I was just being drenched in my own sweat. I felt and thought I was going to pass out.

I took a seat quickly hoping to recover and at the same time trying to understand what the hell just happened when it hit me that the only thing different in my daily routine was the DMSO and then recalled I was not supposed to mix it with vinegar, guess even hours later.

But I’ll tell you what. After that scary nuke experience passed me by while I laid flat on the floor was nothing but fascinating in my mind because the first thing I did when my wife helped me to my bed was that I checked my temperature and like I had done prior to this happening and it showed previously 101.1 and 97.8 less than 10 mins later.
My nose was stuffy and it all opened up at that moment. I would not want to replicate this again lol. But found it interesting nonetheless.

Apr 04, 2015
Help for cat
by: Anonymous

Hi, please tell me how did you administered DMSO paste to your cat? Can I use liquid DMSO? (have no any DMSO experience yet)

My 15 y old cat had Thromboembolism "attack", one of his rear leg became numb and cold. Right now hi is in hospital and having treatment by the vet, my cat is slowly recovering. I was thinking to give my cat DMSO cure after I can get him home but do not know how to apply DMSO externally because of his hair.

Could you give any tips how I can give my friend some more time with DMSO!
Would be grateful for any advise in here.

Jul 26, 2014
Can ACV and honey help with my mini's colic???
by: Anonymous

I have a 7 year old class A miniature horse...she developed colic out of the blue..she's been sick on and off for 3 weeks the vets are bewildered as to what has caused the colic..

They say all 4 quadrants of the gut are working, bloods were taken( twice), but have shown nothing wrong, stall samples taken but nothing major showed up.

She's had 2 lots of liquid paraffin and an enema..they say there is gas present but not enough to intervene (as of a day ago).

Could the ACV and honey help...if so how how much would be safe?

(The vet did wonder if she had ulcers so is on a omeprasol type drug)

Any help would be very much appreciated!! I would miss her terribly if I lost her

Feb 06, 2011
So sorry sweetie pie
by: Anonymous

Darling I cant imagine what you went through, my husbands horse has the same thing except he was sniffing around and got a rod in his nose.

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