Cider Vinegar Kept our Sheep Free From Pulky Kidney Malady

by Pat
(California, USA)



French translation

Years ago, we owned and operated a small organic farm in the Sacramento Valley. I used cider vinegar in several ways, but the most useful was for my sheep.

Pulpy kidney was an endemic sheep malady in our area. It is spread by ticks and most sheep farmers had affected sheep.

I used cider vinegar in the drinking trough*, spring through summer (a quart per), as repellant.

During our 10 years on the farm we never had a case of pulpy kidney in our flock.
I told my vets and neighbors about it but they did not believe it.

* The metal water "tubs" used for our livestock had a capacity of about 70 gallons.

Also, I have used cider vinegar as a mosquito repellant for three decades. It is just as effective as commercial repellants (I've done some tests) at a fraction of the cost. Only problem is that you have to reapply it every 2 hours or so... It isn't as long lasting. Perhaps it evaporates.   

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