Damaged Hair helped with Vinegar Wash

by Elizabeth
(Dominican Republic)

I'm a college student currently earning my degrees in Fashion Design, Fine Arts, and Psychology with minors in Marketing and French.

So as you can imagine I hardly sleep and I'm constantly stressed, which sadly makes my hair fall out. On top of my stress I also used to straighten my curly frizzy hair almost very week.

When I finally decided to go all natural (hair wise) I started to look up natural ways to care for my hair.

When I started using the vinegar wash I wasn't sure about it, then I noticed that my hair was actually becoming healthier.

After just 5 months my hair has grown 7 in. which has never happened, it's healthier and stronger. It's been just about a year now and I love my hair, it looks better now than when I was a little kid with the bouncy curls.

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