Dead Dog Walking Thanks to ACV

by Pamela Cornah
(South Africa)



French translation

After two years of stinky, scratchy, almost no hair left, black skin and ear pain, I almost had my three year old shepherd put down.

The vets could not help and I had vet bills that I could not justify. Thank goodness I decided to do my own thing. Apple cider vinegar mixed into a moisturizing hand lotion, half and half.

I dowsed him every day, even his private parts. I put pure vinegar into his ears every day. I fed him a tablespoon of vinegar in milk every day. At first he went ballistic with the vinegar in his ears. It relieved his itchy ears almost immediately. He loves his milk and vinegar cocktail.

He no longer stinks. His hair has grown back. That tired and exhausted look, from scratching day and night, is gone and all his sores are healed.

You must just persevere in the beginning. I make up a solution of water and vinegar to spray him with if we go walking. No fleas and ticks. I also spray his sleeping area with vinegar. In fact, we are happily drowning in apple cider vinegar. Do not be afraid to use it. It has saved my dog’s life.

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Jul 08, 2015
5 Dogs on ACV
by: Crazyboutdogs40

I have a VERY yeasty German Shepherd, a pitbull who has issues with urinary incontinence, a black lab rescue with digestion issues and 2 pugs, (one with a constant cough).

I put my dogs on the ACV initially for a slight flea problem that I was battling here over the winter months. That's right over the winter months!!

I skipped a flea treatment due to financial issues and had picked up some fleas.

I couldn't get the Bragg's anymore at my local supermarket so decided to stop using it.

After 2 weeks, my lab started throwing up shepherd started scratching and licking his underparts, and my pittie started her intermittent urine leakage.

Had I not stopped the ACV in their food I never would have noticed the amazing benefits that this simple treatment has had in my canine family's lives.

I use 1 tablespoon over their kibble and canned meat mixture in the 3 large dogs (over 80 pounds) and 1 tsp. in the pug's. I may be upping the pug's dosage to 2 tsps. since this is the dosage of choice.
It has made a believer out of me!!!!!

May 14, 2010
How much ACV and water for ticks and fleas
by: Anonymous

How much water and ACV for spraying the coat before walking to stop fleas and ticks.
I am looking for a solution to stop using products that harm the dog.

Thanking you

Feb 23, 2010
If only
by: Anonymous

I'd seen this before I lost my girl to persistent staph...less than a week ago.

I'm doubly heartsick now. Thanks for the knowledge, and hopefully I'll never need to use it!

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