Definitely feel a difference! (with the ACV Rinse)

by Tamara
(Oakland, CA)

French translation

I did try the ACV rinse.

I used the Bragg's unfiltered Raw ACV. I used a glass quart bottle and used spring instead of distilled because that is what I had. I used 1/3 ACV and just filled the rest of the bottle with spring water.

I washed my hair with peppermint Dr. Bronners. And then used the rinse and left it on.

I am "African-American" and I must say that I lose a lot of hair during the combing out process. But this time combing my hair out was sooo much easier.

I followed up the rinse with warm olive oil on my hair and scalp.

My hair feels more manageable,less weighed down, looks shinier, and feels softer. I am really looking forward to trying the ACV rinse with herbs.

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