Down 7 pounds in 3 weeks with ACV!

by Hap

French translation

I love "Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother"!

I started taking 1 tsp ACV w/honey & water before each meal on 08/02/08 and today, 08/22/08, I am down 7 pounds! I haven't changed anything in my lifestyle......, except that I used to snack constantly, but now I don't have the urge/cravings - I actually feel full and satisfied.

I carry a small container with me of honey/ACV so I can mix it with water if I am away from home. I can barely eat a half portion of a restaurant meal! I hadn't told my skeptical husband that I was taking ACV - he asked if I was sick because I no longer clean my plate AND have dessert!!!

I have read the reviews saying there is no scientific evidence, but I am a believer because I have physical evidence - I am 7 pounds lighter and I feel great!

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Oct 02, 2008
AVC Awesome Appetite Suppressant!
by: Kimmi

I have tried everything to lose weight, including phentermine, and I would lose it, but then gain back after I was no longer able to stay on the drug (due to reaching/nearing my goal).

A very healthy appetite has always been my downfall.

Since I have started drinking the ACV, my cravings have diminished dramatically, and I find I am no longer ravenous at or between meals. Since this is something that won't be yanked away from me as I lose the weight, I can relax and know that I WILL be able to reach my goal and KEEP the weight off! :)

I am amazed by the way it suppresses my appetite...I didn't think that was possible without diet drugs! What a wonderful discovery for me. :)

Sep 16, 2008
by: denise

i've started acv today (16 Sept 08)

i'm 5'3" and my weight is 131

i would like to lose 10 pounds

i can't wait to c the results from
me using acv

how long do u think it will take for
me to c results


i exercise 4 times a week - 3-1 hr class of
step and the other days i walk @ least 3 miles

thanks for your help



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