Eliminate Dog Odors and Refresh your house with vinegar

by Kay
(Texas, USA)



French translation

I have a dog and I spray white vinegar on his feet and coat before or after he has been outside.

I also find that it is a good substitute to use instead of carpet powder. I spray my carpet and run the sweeper. I spray it on my sofa and bed. Yes, it smells for a little while but in a few seconds your home will have a very fresh aroma and no dog smell.

The vinegar spray also rids of cigarette smells.

If your dog has an accident, pour vinegar right on the spot. Wait a few seconds and wipe/blot it up and it is gone.

I also use it in my bathroom shower wall and glass. It is fun to use because it is cheap and the house smells great. People look at me and my cart when I purchase 4 gallons.

I also use it to clean my porch,----keeps bugs away. Don't be afraid of using vinegar. It’s great.

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