Feel good, feel smart, lose weight with the help of ACV

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I started using ACV about a year ago off and on.

I wasn't taking it to lose weight at first, but I did notice that when I was taking it my appetite was reduced and my fat was burning faster than normal. My joints do not hurt at much when I am taking it so I am able to walk further and more often, which contributes to my weight loss and overall fitness.

I realized about 3 months ago that my energy level was higher when I took ACV prior to bed time because my sleep was deeper and non-interrupted by painful joints.

I know this is a long example of ACV and weight loss, but I thought I would like to share that ACV is a vital part of my fitness program.

Don't expect to lose any weight if you do not have some level of exercise. Walking is what I enjoy the most and it seems to burn just as many calories as running does, with fewer injuries.

My suggestion to everybody is to talk with your doctor first before beginning a weight loss program or fitness program, then try ACV for a month to see what effect it has on your body and metabolism. I know it doesn't taste great, but for a five second discomfort every day, it's well worth it.

I take it two or three times every day. Especially just prior to going to sleep. It really helps my rest time.

I hope this helps.

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Dec 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have been taking ACV a little over a week now, not enough to really notice any drastic changes.

However, I wanted to make the comment that while taking ACV I noticed that the leg cramps I normally get every night at bed time are gone and not only that, I have been sleeping through my alarm which is really funny since I'm not a very sound sleeper.

Others have said that ACV is stilling being experimented on to see if it does relieve any of these disorders and I must say that seeing is believing.

As far as weight loss goes I have weighted myself yet although I have noticed a decrease in my appetite. I'm going to stay on my journey with ACV to see where it takes me.. lol

Happy ACV Trails!!!

Apr 19, 2009
My (very long) ACV story
by: Anonymous

At 18 years old I had never had acne in my life, I would get the occasional pimple, yes, but never more than one at time until a few months ago- I broke out big time, I was desperate to find some sort of fix for it and I stumbled across a site saying ACV helped with acne, so I tried it for about a month...

It made my acne worse which I was expecting because ACV helps detox from the inside out, but my parents became concerned about my appearance and made me see a dermatologist. After that, I was afraid to drink it anymore in case it had negative affects with my invasive skin regime (including antibiotics and retin-a).

More importantly while I was on ACV, I noticed a huge increase in my energy levels. Also, I felt slimmer, and much, much healthier.

I never weighed myself to see for sure, but I felt great and my clothes were fitting looser than before. I was almost never hungry while drinking it. At first, I attributed to the fact that the stuff tasted so strong that I had no appetite after. But once I got used to the taste, I realized that it was just the ACV itself that was lessening my appetite in a good way. I found myself eating less and feeling full sooner.

I'm planning on going back to taking ACV because I just felt so great while on it.

I would highly recommend it to anyone! It's such an amazing thing!!

I would take about 2 tablespoons mixed with honey 2 times a day.

The only downside to it is the fact that it takes a while to get used to the taste, about two weeks for me. After that, I had no problem drinking it, and in fact sort of craved it. When you sweat, you will smell a bit like ACV.

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