Finally listening to my mother for ACV!

by Denise
(Maryland USA)

French translation

My mother, many decades ago, used organic apple cider vinegar for two reasons:

1) to lose weight and maintain her weight.

2) to keep alkaline as opposed to acidic.

I did not do this until I was 210 lbs and feeling sluggish and when I turned 59 1/2.

I remembered what my mother did. I had tried it years ago but thought it was disgusting!

I finally gave it a whirl and lost 46 pounds in 4 months.

The weight lost stopped but I am still maintaining my weight that I lost and am eating normally.

I take a table spoon of organic apple cider vinegar in water every morning and evening. (I like the vitamin shop vinegar as opposed to Brag. I felt like I lost more with the Vitamin Shoppe brand). Do not drink the vinegar without water, do not take it straight!!! I also drink another glass of water after the first vinegar/water mixture.

If you hate the taste, maybe you can put some diet ginger ale in the glass (just a little bit).

Good Luck!


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