Food Poisoning Averted

by Tim
(England, UK)

French translation

Food Poisoning averted:

I read a story some time ago which went something like this;-

A group of friends were going out for a meal at a sea food restaurant one evening.

One of the group who sipped ACV on a regular daily basis, decided before going for the meal that he would drink a glassful of water with two dessert spoons of cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey to prepare his stomach for the "fruits de mer" which would include shellfish.

The whole group went down with food poisoning EXCEPT our ACV friend.

Keep healthy sip Organic (unfiltered if you can get it) Cider Vinegar throughout the day mixed with honey and spring water, I personally add half a lemon as well.

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Aug 27, 2010
Food poisoning FROM vinegar?
by: Kimberlee

Can apple cider vinegar give you food poisoning? I recently made a barbecue sauce and used some ACV that had an expiration date on it. I ignored this as a way to simply sell me more vinegar because I'd heard, like honey, vinegar never goes bad.

I may have been mistaken. While the meal didn't make us sick the first night, when we had the leftovers the next day, we both sucummbed to massive runs and vomiting.

Could it have been the expired vinegar? The leftovers were refrigerated quickly and the bird was an organically raised one.

I can be reached at if anyone could answer this. (Not sure I can locate this page again, not computer savvy) Thanks!

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