Found My Miracle, Thanks to ACV!

by Jodi
(Portland, Oregon)

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I have had a lifetime of being overweight, and always searching for the answer. Well, I found it with ACV.

I start my day with 3 glasses of water. One has ACV in it. I bring my water bottle to work full of purified water and a splash of ACV. I drink this through the day. I have a jar of ACV at work to add as needed.

Besides helping with acid reflux, food allergies, hot flashes, night sweats and craving, I have lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks.

This is unusual. I've read it is a slow process, but healthy.

Along with the ACV, I have been eating fresh veggies, fruit, no white stuff, limited meat, and I walk daily.

I am menopausal, I have hypothyroidism, but I feel fabulous.
I am melting away.

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Jul 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

Please, find this great Fifty Four year old woman's testimonial, from Maryland, USA,

On our Hot flashes, night sweats, and apple cider vinegar page!

"54woman FoundHerMiracleThanksToACV"

Sep 28, 2011
really ?
by: contracheck

Thanks everyone for sharing your successes, gave me a shot in the arm.

I live on fruits and veggies, chicken and fish ( nothing fried !), do the 64 oz. of water guzzler every day, no carbs after 3pm, no food after 8pm, walk 3 miles on my treadmill five days a week and nothing is moving ... I just wanna sgaaaaareaaaaaaam .... but so ACV is the "secret" eh ?

WEll, I am staying up all night tonight until the grocery opens to get some of this stuff with the "mother" still in it and ... a STRAW !!!

If this worked so well for so many of you, in so many ways, all ages and sizes, I want a part in THIS Club, oh yes ! How NICE it would be to ditch 10 pounds and send this UGLY GUT of mine packing, amen hallelujah ... maybe put some ACV in the bathwater ? Heck, this stuff is good for everything, maybe can even drive a car with it ??? LOL ACV here I come ... thank you all for sharing and BLESSINGS to all ACV-ers :) everywhere ...

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