From 460 pounds to 305 in no time with ACV and Healthy Food!

by Anonymous
(United States)

My mom started drinking the Braggs ACV drinks, knowing it was a healthy habit. My mom has been very obese for over 10 years and due to the weight, she was not able to exercise as it stressed her knees and back to the point of injury.

She was stuck. Couldn't exercise. Started eating better. But nothing. Her weight loss was very gradual as it started out. The thing I noticed the most was how her diet changed. "Healthy" was no longer simply home cooked meals using whatever processed boxed food from the pantry. "Healthy" actually became healthy.

She started eating more fruits and veggies, salads, healthy organic snacks like seeds because she craved these things. It wasn't a choice to start eating healthy, it was what her body was asking for.

So, in just over a year, my mom went from 460 pounds to 305!! She still has a way to go but to lose that type of weight naturally is amazing. Her doctor was also very surprised.

Thankfully, her body lost the weight in a manner that was healthy for her. It is often said that rapid weight loss can be dangerous and fatal but it was just what her body was doing.

She kept eating each day but just changed the tune. She did not exercise. She just simply drank ACV everyday and started eating the foods her body was craving.

For the past 2 years, I have started a diet and exercise program, lasted about 3 weeks, and then it slowly wasn't happening anymore. I always wondered why I couldn't stick with it. Why I binge ate on the regular. Why, even with healthy foods, I constantly craved salt and sugars. That is where ACV and healthy eating comes in for me.

So my mom is my inspiration. Last year, I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome - in short, it is an endocrine disorder that literally disrupts every part of your body! My body produces too much of one hormone, not enough of the other, produces waaaay too much insulin, and so on.

PCOS often occurs in overweight or underweight women. Chemicals and toxins found in everyday products including food, beauty supplies, shampoo/conditioner, face wash, body wash, deodorant, and so on are also endocrine disruptors that affect my PCOS.

I have done a complete overhaul of my life. I've cut out physical toxins and chemicals that I used to use on my body. I am now focusing on the food I eat. It took time but I phased out most of the processed, preserved junk crap in my pantry (boxed meals like hamburger helper, canned foods, processed cheese, etc.) and I am replacing it with better options.

I buy homemade spinach pasta, using veggies as a main ingredient instead of starch. I shop organic and most of my fridge is stuffed with veggies.

So my life is in order and that is where I bring in ACV. I've been drinking ACV for 1 week and noticed an improvement in how hungry I am and what I crave.

The first day I drank it, I ate a couple bananas early in the day and completely forgot about food. I wasn't hungry and I wasn't craving anything! It wasn't until 8pm that night that I realized I hadn't eaten but a couple bananas.

I am impressed at how ACV has changed how my body craves food. I was raised on preservatives, processed foods, limited veggies (next to none) and fast food everyday. Your body starts to think that the nasty, horrible food-like substances are actually nutritious, better than fresh food. Your body craves the perfect combination of sweet, fatty, and salty that fast food places aim to create.

Fast food is like an addiction. It is hard to kick! Over the past few months with my complete overhaul of my life, I have been cutting down on fast food.

A couple of weeks ago we had to leave town for a funeral. We ended up being gone for over a week and due to the circumstances, the family ate out every day, every meal. At first, I was like hmmm this isn't too bad...there is nothing else I can do since I am out of town, no fridge or stove in the hotel, so it will be my cheat week!

No. I was so sluggish and horrible feeling about 3 days into this constant fast food and restaurant food spree. I just wanted to make my own food with fresh veggies.

Long story short, I made adjustments while we were out of town. I tried to eat healthy for at least one meal of the day. It is amazing how, after you drop one bad habit, your body starts to feel better. But if you take up that habit again, it is easier to feel how bad your body must have felt before. How I was feeling 3 days into our trip I had been LIVING FOR YEARS.

ACV helps me in the areas I need help with. It is not a miracle. It is not magical. But it can be that extra little help you need to change your life and change your body.

I love this website because I have read others' success stories. I researched ACV and weight loss and found discouraging articles that had interviewed doctors who say it will not help with weight loss but is healthy to drink. I know it helps with weight loss, I have seen it with my own eyes in my mom.

I personally feel that western, mainstream medicine does not want the benefits of ACV to come out. ACV does the same thing that Metformin, used primarily for diabetes but was prescribed to me for PCOS to control my insulin. ACV DOES THE SAME EXACT THING! Without the side effects.

I experienced some of the serious side effects of Metformin and stopped taking it. I felt lousy, sluggish, and out of energy within 30 minutes of taking the pill. I had intense headaches that were never ending. I would skip doses just so my headache would go away. When I realized how I was feeling started occurring after taking the medicine, I stopped taking it. It cannot be beneficial if it causes so many issues.

ACV does exactly what I need without ugly side effects.

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