From Tears to Cheers with my Hair Thanks to ACV

by Jill

French translation

I have been struggling for 2 years now with very dry and brittle hair.

Every time I try to grow it out, I usually get frustrated and chop it off into a pixie cut which I hate but it seems better than the crispy straw head my hair becomes.

Even my hairdresser was at a loss. After my last fiasco a couple of days ago, trying the coconut oil straight on my hair, I decided to just cut it off again.

After Googling why this kept happening, I decided to try one last ditch effort and see if my protein balances where too high, like many people have claimed, and what I discovered was ALL of my hair care products have protein in them.

So this morning, I didn't wash my hair but did do the apple cider vinegar rinse.

I won't say my hair went from drab to fab, but I did see enough improvement for me to give it another week or two just to see what happens.

I also went right out and bought some shampoos that had as little protein as possible and more argon oils and Shea butters.

Thank you for giving me hope with this website!

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