How ACV helped me lose weight and helped my arthritis

by susan

French translation

I was unable to lose weight because I have arthritis in my hips and knees, which makes it impossible to exercise. I can hardly walk some days.

After seeing a herbalist, and being recommended to try apple cider vinegar, I thought what can I lose? It is cheap and I didn’t want to go on arthritis medication.

After taking ACV for two weeks, two tablespoons in the morning and at night, I have been pain free, and able to walk and do more, and also lose weight!

I did notice that if I miss a few days, when I am on vacation or out of town, the pain does come back, but I am excited that I have found something that helps with numerous medical conditions.

I noticed some people take it straight.
After talking to a specialist about this, I was told ACV must be diluted with something else. This is an acid based fluid and drinking it strait over a period of time can cause other ailments.

I will take ACV forever.

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