How ACV Helped Reduce Lameness in my Horse

by Carol Higgs
(California, United States)



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I have a beautiful QH gelding that I got in a trade knowing he had the beginnings of Ringbone on one foot.

Since some cases of ringbone don't always cause lameness I had hopes of him becoming sound. Well he did not and for 3 years I have had him barefoot and have been searching for something that would help or to be honest, a miracle cure.

He seemed fairly comfortable but still too lame to ride. I read a little on how ACV could help Arthritis so since ringbone is arthritis I thought I would try it.

Well about too weeks after I had been giving him about 1/2 cup a day on his feed I noticed when I trimmed him, his legs were not stiff! Then I noticed he was limping less and less.

It has now been 3 1/2 months since starting AVC and and he is no longer lame! I had also read that AVC could dissolve calcium deposits in joints, well I really think it must have done just that.

All I know is the only thing I have done different is feed him ACV and keep his feet short and balanced.

I think I found my miracle cure!

Everyday I watch for the old familiar head bobbing limp, so far he is fine. I have been riding him out on the trail and he heads out and my friend's horse can hardly keep up with him.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this by using ACV?

Carol Higgs
Smith River, CA

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Mar 20, 2015
Thank You!
by: Anonymous

Thank You for your information on what you gave your horse for the ring bone.
Our Xcaliber-our pasture pet, is the love of our lives.

It helped him.

Jan 15, 2009
Unfiltered ACV
by: Carol

I am so happy for your daughter's horse!

I found I could buy the unfiltered, unpasteurized ACV through a food co-op and it is very reasonable compared to off the shelf at the local markets.

I will say I could not always afford to give him the unfiltered kind during the last months and it still worked. But it was the real ACV not the ACV flavored.

I am now feeding the unpasteurized and unfiltered. I am looking forward to see its effect on my three horses overall health.

Jan 14, 2009
ACV for horses
by: Mom47horses


I first posted a notice on this site last summer regarding the ACV for my daughter's TB.

I have been a proponent for ACV for several years now using it in the water and on the grain for insect repellant. AND IT WORKS!

Last summer the TB displayed signs of weight loss, was lethargic and not much interest in grain following a three day event, we suspected ulcers, considered having him scoped but decided to play the wait and see game. I knew that the unprocessed ACV helped my stomach problems and wondered about him.
After several days of a higher dose on his grain, his appetite increased, he put on weight and I noticed that he had a more exaggerated jumping style.
I am positively convinced that it was the ACV - BUT - please remember that this was using the unfiltered, unprocessed ACV from the health food store.

I am so glad to have seen your posting regarding equine treatments with ACV and have been watching for anything since I posted mine.

During the summer, working months here in Kansas, everybody is on ACV with their grain and I put it in their water to help encourage their fluid intake, it helps keep the algea down AND when we head off to horse shows their water always tastes the same because of the ACV.

Please keep in touch with me and let me know how things progress with your horse (incidentally he is beautiful)

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