How ACV Helps My Horses

by Nannette
(Anaheim, CA)

French translation

Hello, my name is Nannette and I own a day care for equines at my stable.

I use ACV on the hooves inside and out to prevent or help with thrush. Since it is non toxic it is done on a daily basis.
They are fed it twice a day in their feed and everyone comments on their coats.
I also use 1/2 and 1/2 with alcohol for skin problems.

I have also had several client use ACV on their horses' hooves and they are astounded as how well it works.

My little Arab has had arthritis since we bought him four years ago, he is now 13 and we just did IRAP on him. We started him on ACV right away and it must have helped as he is always willing to go have fun on the trails or run around barrels, and poles but it did not cure him.
My 20 year old quarter paint has been eating it for 3 years now and no signs of arthritis.

I have not tried the unfiltered ACV as yet but after doing more research I just might.

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Sep 28, 2015
Apple Cider Vinegar, but also Honey
by: Isabelle, La Seyne Sur Mer, France

(Translated from French)

Hello to all old horse owners .

Personally, I have two old arthritic horses, so I add 4 tablespoons, once a day, of organic cider vinegar to their grain fead but also two tablespoons of pure honey since it is also anti inflammatory, anti fungal, and anti bacterial.

Honey can be applied to small or large wounds, but placed in the grain fead it is very good against rheumatism (it's not bad sugar) and personally it's been one year that I have been using honey instead of any expensive anti inflammatory medical products.

I prefer to budget 100 euros per month for honey, It's super efficient believe me.

Aug 10, 2009
Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
by: Darla Cole

Please, anyone using Apple Cider Vinegar is going in the right direction, but you have to switch to the unfiltered, unpasteurized, raw apple cider vinegar.

Bragg's is a good brand. ACV is great but the enzymes & proteins in the raw unfiltered/unpasteurized cider is what is needed most.

My family also uses it daily, see recipe on Bragg's bottle for health/energy drink. Amazing results for us humans too.

D. Cole!

Jul 27, 2009
Pregnant mare
by: Anonymous

Is (acv) safe for pregnant mares.

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