How ACV relieves my Rosacea and Dandruff!

by Michael
(Newfoundland, Canada)

French translation

I have had Rosacea and dandruff/dry skin for years.

I have really bad dandruff as a result of my Rosacea in my Eyebrows and Mustache. I've used all sorts of creams over the years to curb it but nothing works to keep it under control, not even prescription cream.

After my wife told me about how ACV works on Dandruff I tried it on myself.

Wow! After a few days of treatment all I can say is it really works. I apply it to my eyebrows and Mustache and leave it overnight. I no longer need to use any kind of cream as it takes away the itch/redness and dandruff which last quite a long time. I reapply as needed which is weeks instead of days.

It's not a cure but it helps I've tried it on my rosacea skin and it works on that too, at least for me anyway. Skin isn't as red and feels much better.

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Nov 03, 2015
Apple Cider Vinegar for Rosacea
by: Sylvie Lagacé (Québec, Canada)

(Translated from French)

I drink apple vinegar diluted in water every day for rosacea since I started my menopause and I could not do without it because it is a true miracle.

My skin is much more beautiful, my complexion is lighter, I have no more black head pimples, and my skin is much softer.
So I have nothing but praise to say about the benefits of this product on my skin and I intend to use it for my hair.

I am very happy because now nobody asks me why my skin is so red and why I have so many pimples. Now I get complimented on my skin.

May 28, 2013
by: Michael

Yes, Full strength! Massage into scalp for dandruff. Takes the itch away and relieves the skin in minutes.

May 28, 2013
by: Felicia

Did you use full strength acv?

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