How Apple Cider Vinegar Saved my Cat's Life

by Rainy McLeod (yes, that is my real name)
(Catskills, NY)

Dusty Rusty Pumpkin Head

Dusty Rusty Pumpkin Head

French translation

May 2008, at 2 a.m. Sunday morning, my 16-1/2 year old cat, "Dusty Rusty Pumpkin Head" (whom I had inherited from my mother) starting having some kind of asthma attack that involved him trying to hack and breathe at the same time, and he was "drooling" massive amounts of foam between.
A long hair, he had been having trouble with furballs also.

We live in what is known as the "boonies," with vets few and far between. The nearest emergency vet was almost a two hour drive, and we were pretty sure we didn't have enough gas to get there. So, while we are trying to reach vets, wake friends and neighbors in the middle of the night to borrow gas, research information on the internet, Rusty did not stop this episode, and about an hour into the start, he finally collapsed, with little discernable breathing and a very weak erratic heartbeat, while still drooling foam and gasping to breathe.

About 3:30 -- an hour and a half into the episode (and I'm pretty sure this is it for my Pumpkin), a local farmer's son -- who been called by one of our friends -- came by with some gasoline and a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar. "Here, he said, shove some of this down your cat's throat. It fixes everything." (The vinegar, not the gasoline, of course).

In less than a minute, the foaming subsided. A few minutes later, Pumpkin took a deep breath and then opened his eyes. While weak and exhausted from his experience, half an hour later he managed a trip to the litter box.

He showed some slight improvement over Sunday, and we felt comfortable enough he could wait until Monday to see his regular vet.

Pumpkin's vet has some sound theories why the ACV worked, but sound or not, who cares... All I can say is it saved my baby's life.

That was more than two years ago; he will be 19 in October, and I make sure he has a little ACV with water a few times a week.

That's how vinegar saved my cat's life (which means it saved mine, also) - People should read May 19 & 21 2011 comments as complementary information to this story.

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Apr 07, 2024
How much ACV did you "shove down" your cats throat??
by: Anonymous

Hi!!! That is a Great, inspiring story.

I'm trying to save my 17yrs young cat right now. Different illness but, I agree with the farmer!!

Just wondering how Much you used at once???

Jan 30, 2018
Thanks for sharing your experience
by: Anonymous

I too have been giving my cat ACV and water, sometimes with a little blackstrap molasses (research benefits of blackstrap)...

My guy is 23 years old and starting having problems every Fall/ he couldn't walk properly...and I think he was constipated. Almost like pellagra type symptoms...eating but not getting any nutrients.

One thing I switched was his litter...made with corn, GMO corn that can clog the gut and cause pellagra. Also his food.. Carrageenan that can glog the gut and intestines.

Switched to another food, that contains guar gum....also bad....doing a food now with no carrageenan or guar gum.

I think the ACV is helping to unclog the mucus in his gut, and reduce inflammation.

Clogged gut and constipation can cause heart issues and strokes.

I feel so bad that what I have been feeding him has been causeing allergic reactions.

Jun 11, 2017
AVC and Sea salt does wonders
by: Anonymous

Exactly. The same thing happened with my 22 year old cat.

Overnight, he wasn't able to walk. I figured out, it was a type of pellagra, vitamin/mineral deficiency disease from a clogged gut.

It was a combo of hairballs, and litter...Worlds best litter, made of corn, and more than likely GMO corn.

He didn't eat the litter, but would lick it off his paws.

I gave him ACV with water, and he coughed up a bunch of slimy phlegm and huge hairball.

Feb 18, 2017
ACV - Missing piece to the puzzle
by: Anonymous

Incredible story! So happy for you both!!

I have to comment, and I'm not usually someone that does, but this really does work!

Stanley is almost 3 years old, I found him when he was 6-8 weeks old, abandoned and filthy and within 1 hour of getting him all washed and dry he started drinking some tuna juice (all I had in the pantry) and was nuzzling his head into my beck and falling asleep.

Stan was always a loving, playful healthy boy! Until the last 3 months, that is.

Stan stopped laying on me all the time like he used to and stopped playing (his favorite game) hide and seek, stopped running to the faucet for water (another one of his favorite things) wouldn't eat as much, noticed watery eyes, on and off felt like he was burning up.
Facing the wall, I noticed he had breathing differently, rapid heartbeats and abnormal rhythm.

And after multiple office visits over 2,000 dollars they still couldn't give me a reason for this happening to him. Kept saying "it could be this..." answers and told me that everything was ok I just needed to change his diet and he will be fine.

UM NO! I know my cat and can tell something isn't right. Well took him to another veteran, they discovered inflammation of his lungs (bronchitis) and crystals in his urine AND accute allergies. I was heartbroken to know how much he had been suffering but eager to administer medication so he can start feeling better!

It helped and I was happy but I still had a gut feeling he wasn't 100% back to normal. I eat, breath and live for this cat. I lost my Mom 2years ago and Stanley was all I had left.

After hours and nights of reading and researching I found this miracle, ACV. Apple cider vinegar was the missing piece to the puzzle!

I have my loving, happy, blue eyed baby acting like his old self! He's breathing normal, his eyes and nose don't get watery, stopped having to give him his allergy medication.

He is not straining to go to the bathroom anymore and overall mood is loving, happy and cuddly again!

I will ALWAYS have organic apple cider vinegar in my house.

Sep 29, 2016
Dilute the Vinagar - use a eye dropper
by: Anonymous

Please know that the vinagar needs to be dilluted and that you can mix it 1/4 tsp. apple cider vinagar to 3/4 tsp chicken broth, or pumpkin.

May 21, 2011
starstarstarstarstar are correct
by: Rainy McLeod

Yes, I failed to point out the vinegar WAS diluted.

Excellent point, and I regret any misconception that may have arisen out of this.

May 19, 2011
Rainy, please amend this story for safety
by: Nigel

Happy it worked out!
I'd ask that Rainy detail a point in the story when the farmer's son instructed " shove some of this down your cat's throat".

Some readers may get the VERY wrong impression to use apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle for treatment for their pets! This stuff must be diluted with water!

Nov 06, 2010
by: Marie

Pet owners should know if there is something they can do at home to help their animals in the event of an emergency.
I'll always remember this! Thank you for sharing your story!

Oct 30, 2010
by: Nick

So Awesome!!!
Live long and prosper Pumpkin Head!!

Looks like my 5 year old Gordon and I might need your advice some day with his hair balls???

Jul 21, 2010
How wonderful!
by: KittyLikkins

What a handsome fella. You must be thrilled!

Jul 21, 2010
Lovely cat
by: jane

What a very beautiful cat Pumpkin is! So glad he was saved.

I have just started using ACV and find it suppresses desire for sweets, and appetite generally. It also makes me sleep better. Hoping it will help with my midriff too.

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