How to shed pounds without exercising with the help of ACV

by Ani Inorfos
(Vinia del Mar, Chile)

French translation

Ok ladies here is the secret: Eat, relax and enjoy ACV.

Breakfast try to eat between (8-10am)
--- one glass (8oz) of room temperature water with 2 tbs of ACV and add a pinch of lemon.
--- a piece of whole wheat toast with (organic butter) and one tsp. of honey spread.

Snack #1 (10-12pm)
--- low-fat Greek yogurt with(one piece of fruit)like banana is great

Lunch (12-2pm)
--- 2 tbs ACV with water- or green tea
--- any carbs --- any portion you are fine you have the whole day to burn it off ;)

Snack #2 (2-4pm)
--- a piece of fruit of your choice
--- 12 almonds
--- other portions of nuts

Dinner (4-6pm)--- here try to remember to eat something with protein -- avoid carbs
--- drink your 2 tbs ACV with water- or green tea
--- have yourself a green salad with tuna with a touch of olive oil
--- an egg salad with (organic caned beans) a touch of olive oil
--- a sandwich with: A Boca Burger salad of your choice, lettuce, tomato, arugula, onions and add honey mustard salad.

Snack #3 (6pm-7pm)
--- eat your last snack for the day
--- an apple!!

Here are your 6 meals a day!!! Here how you will shed pounds without even exercising on a regular bases.

-- drink a glass of wine
-- drink lots of water
-- drink some chamomile
WATCH TV: read a BOOK: GO Online: anything to keep you off the kitchen, if your friends want to go to dinner at 8 suggest a place and tell them to meet you there at 6:30...People like when someone takes charge anyways.

My success story:

I have lost 12 pounds in the course of 3months. I feel great and I love my new body. I only do yoga twice a week, and it's whatever yoga I find on you tube.

If you have any concerns or questions, or if you want me to walk you through something you don't understand, use the link «Click here to post comments» below my story. I will answer you likewise.

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