How vinegar got rid of my ferret's abscess !

by Estefania
(Riverside, CA)

I know that this forum is for ACV but either way I thought I would share this.

About 5 years ago my ferret developed a lumped underneath this chin. Naturally I took him to the vet and as usual the vet didn't know why or how he had gotten it, so she popped it to make sure it wasn't cancerous. It turned out it wasn't, and the lump disappears however, after it disappeared this abscess appeared and would not heal.

I took him to a different vet and they put him on antibiotics and that din't work then I went to a different vet and they gave me some sort of gel to put on his him and also more antibiotics. That didn't work either. I tried a different vet and he injected my poor ferret right where the abscess was and for a while it seemed like it was healing but it didn't.

Long story short after 5 years of seeing different vets and none of them were able to help my ferret, I decided to put some white vinegar on the abscess. I only did this 3-4 times a week.

Within the first week, I noticed a difference. Normally the abscess would develop some sort of scab and then a day later, the scab would fall off. A few days after I started applying the white vinegar, there was no more scab, a week and half after, I noticed that the abscess was getting smaller!

On the second week, the abscess was still there but way smaller. Then on the third week, the abscess was gone!!!

It was a miracle. I couldn’t believe how fast the abscess healed. I wish I would have done this 5 years ago!

I used all purpose white vinegar. I would make sure that none of it would go into the ferret's mouth. I'm so glad that my ferret no longer has that abscess (:

For any questions, use the link «Click here to post a comment» just below my story. I will reply in the same manner and we can have a little forum for the benefit of everybody.

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