"How Vinegar helped rid our 3 orphaned small dogs of flees!"

by Mrs June McKnight
(South Burnett/Q'land, Australia)

3 small dogs

3 small dogs

French translation

We live on 3 acres of bushland in S.E. Queensland and have acquired (adopted) 3 little dogs abandoned when their owners returned to the city: - 1 old poodle/1 part-Maltese terrier and 1 Foxey terrier.

Our wonderful vet advised us how to care for their health.

They are happy now and healthy but because of the intense bush-they have ground fleas-I tried everything, finally we tried Apple Cider Vinegar, rinsing them in it after their baths, giving them a few drops in their drinking water - no more fleas, clean silky coats and NO SCRATCHING!!

We are in our 70's and these 'babies' have brought so much love into our lives.

Thank you Apple-Cider-Vinegar!!!

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