I believe in ACV :]

by Kenyetta
(Tattnall , Georgia)

French translation

Well, I'm 16 years old, about to be 17 in about 6 months... I haven't really always struggled with a weight problem because I'm like 5'11" so no one ever said I was fat... But I HATE to look at myself in the mirror sometimes because I am not happy AT ALL with my figure! Plus, I've been trying g to find a way to shed a couple of pounds before the prom in April 2011. My grandma has been talking about ACV & honey for the past couple of months. She said she heard about it from a friend & she was going to try it but she never did.

Well, my cousin's girlfriend is beginning a new job at the local priso. & she wants to slim down. This was my chance to try to lose weight with someone 'cause I've found out that I don't have the willpower to do it by myself.
This morning, she began drinking ACV with honey mixed in water. She told me to try it & I said Ok.
When I smelled it, I was like YYYUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK ,... I was walking around all morning saying I could do it, but was too scared to do it!

She, my grandma & my auntie started motivating me by pressuring me... Then, my grandma flat out told me that I had no willpower! She said that she believed I could do it 'cause I've been a straight A student since kindergarten & I've gotten NUMEROUS plaques & won many spelling bees. She said if I could do that, then how could I not drink that little bit of stuff?
My cousin's girlfriend said it would help me lose 5 pounds in 3 days but I didn't believe her... But after reading most of these testimonials, I think I can do this.

I ha school everyday & I've been thinking of how to incorporate it & then I finally figured that I could drink it every morning, when I'm getting ready for school & again, sometime after school. By the way, I'm in grade 11...

I can't wait to start my second day tomorrow and FEEL progress by the next couple of days !
I just ask that any of you reading this PRAY FOR ME EVERYDAY & PRAY FOR MY STRENGTH & WILLPOWER IN THE LORD :]...

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