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My name is Kay. I am type 2 diabetic. (I take insulin)

I am 5 ft and weigh 158 lbs. I need to lose 30 lbs. I like apple cider vinegar and started that. I lost 21 lbs.

I hear coconut oil is also good for weight lost but how do you take that as it looks like lard like Crisco?

I also have an hypothyroid and soft bones in my back, so it is hard to walk as I am in pain 24/7.

Hope you can help me. I don't take medecine from Doctors. I take all natural things.

Thank you!


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Jun 01, 2011
Soy and thyroid
by: Anonymous

While the first person to reply to your post has offered a lot of helpful info, be aware that people with hypothyroidism are meant to avoid soy as it further slows the thyroid.

Jan 24, 2011
my 2 cents
by: Anonymous

Congratulations on your weight loss.

As for the soft bones, there are a few things that can help. First, vitamin D3 is essential for strong bones, if you get lots of sun, great but if not then 3000 IU of vitamin D3 is a good place to start. Vitamin D3 helps carry the calcium in your diet to your bones where it is needed.

Second, if you are on a low sodium diet, increase your salt intake, use unprocessed sea salt if possible. Salt is absolutely essential for strong bones, it binds with the calcium along with other minerals to strengthen your bones, also salt will not raise your blood pressure, that is a complete myth, and your body will regulate your sodium levels by itself if you have to much in your diet.

Third, increase your protein consumption, for strong bones an excellent choice is soy beans. Soy is very high in protein and also full of estrogen, both of which are essential for strong bones, just make sure it is organic and pesticide free.

Green tea has a huge list of health benefits, one of which includes strengthening your bones, try to drink 2-3 cups a day.
A very good source of Calcium is Oat Straw Tea, one cup has about 300mg not to mention loads of other essential minerals.

All of these done in combination would pretty much guarantee that you strengthen your bones, and your overall health. I hope this helps, good luck...

Jan 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

we are the same height and weight as each other!

I've just started with AVC...how often did you drink it and how long before you began to notice any loss?

Oct 26, 2010
Bikram Yoga?
by: Anonymous

I think you would benefit from Bikram Yoga.

It is a type of yoga done in a heated room and it really focuses on strengthening your back muscles. There are a lot of stories out there of people who transformed their health through this practice!

It is hard but completely worth it for how it makes you feel afterwards.

Jul 25, 2010
A little help
by: Anonymous

I am a OTR for 35 years.

The weight loss is a good thing! but now you have to do activity. If you have 'soft bones', you need to strengthen muscles in you back and surrounding areas.

There are many sitting exercises that can be used cautiously. You will have muscle soreness. This is inevitable if you want to do well. But muscle soreness is not the same as troublesome pain.

Just remember to move slowly and thoughtfully, keeping very good body mechanics as you exercise.

Building your endurance first, just do a few basic and then increase every other day. By the end of the month you will feel much better if you are persistant.

Please see you doctor for a prescription for an appointment with a physical therapy appointment. And tell him that you want to see an OT also as you need to know how to increase your endurance during your activities of daily living. (ADLs) as well

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