I have lost 11 pounds in two months with ACV

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I began taking Bragg's ACV on a whim when I saw the book about it in a store.

My digestion had been off for two years and I had chronic dry sinusitis. I now have more energy than ever and watched pounds literally melt off.

I was stunned. I had some ACV last night before eating a quesadilla and actually dropped weight overnight. My sinuses have never been better as well.

I highly recommend the stuff!

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Dec 03, 2008
No Desire to Eat
by: Donica

Yes, I agree I am currently taking ACV and I always feel full. It is not all in your head it is chemical.

Aug 29, 2008
Restoring my healthy pallate
by: LDS in Atlanta

I started drinking the concoction of organic apple cider vinegar on August 9th, 2008 and have found that despite only losing 3 lbs so far, my food taste are changing. In addition to the immediately noticed benefit of a supressed appetite (I have a 'wait' problem. I cannot wait to eat), I find that I don't desire some of the food content that I previously wanted. I am assuming that the correct balancing and detoxifying effects I have read about are possibly diluting the effects of the addictive food additives. Has anyone else experienced this?? I see what I once enjoyed eating, but the thought is 'Ah, that's okay. I'll pass.' Again, you would have to understand how I almost always feel hungry. People always tell me it's in my head, but I felt it was chemical. In reading through the contents of this website, I was particularly intriqued by the information on insulin release and always feeling hungry. The only other time I have noticed this is during another 15 day detox cleanse the Master Cleanser. During this time I found that I wanted less of the poor quality, low nutrient foods. The key is to ALLOW yourself to sucumb to this new palette and not return to your old way of eating because I really believe you restore the addictive food additives resulting in your craving too much of the wrong stuff. It's not just about losing weight, but being able to restructure a proper daily diet and it seems nearly impossible when the additives are in your system because eating 'healthy' foods seems too much like drudgery and a punishment because your body 'chemically' does not want it. I will continue to refill my water bottles with filtered water and then add the ACV at home. I find that it just results in less stares and questions when I do it at work.Bottles up! Cheers!

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