I just started the ACV

by Anonymous
(Florida, USA)

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Hello I am close to 37lbs over weight and I'm working out every chance I can when I'm not working. I've also tried every pill.

I hate the way the pills would make me feel and I would only loose just a little bit of weight.

My co-worker told me about the ACV and then I looked it up.

I've now been doing it for 4 days and I've noticed that I've lost 2 lbs. So I believe I'm on the right track!

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Jul 26, 2012
I hope this breaks my plateau
by: Lyn

I have been following a clean eating life plan through a website and have not gotten the results that so many others have stated getting.

The life style plan mentioned ACV in the info but to not this degree.

So somehow last night I ran across this website. I took my first dose after dinner and then this morning before breakfast.

The results of my bathroom visit this morning was very good, which is an awesome plus for me. I think maybe I will try taking the drink after meals as I have a rather acidic system to begin with.

I pray this works as I am 61 and battling tummy and hip inches. I had lost with a docs help near 5 years ago and I can see it is creeping back and seeing my pants getting tighter.

So in need to do it naturally as then I know I can control it. Plan to check back here daily for inspiration.

Jan 16, 2012
About the Dose and whether or not to use water...
by: TheAzMom

I've done a lot of reading trying to find the dose that I should take and the two primary doses I've seen are one tablespoon or two teaspoons.

Wanting to go full tilt right from the get go, I started with the full tablespoon in a glass of water ALONG with the juice of half a lemon (about one tablespoon). Also - YES, take it with water. I see that a lot of people take the ACV as a straight shot but because it is acidic going down, I wouldn't recommend it.

I've never been a fan of ACV and in fact the smell of it was so off-putting that I couldn't use it as a rinse for my hair so I was really nervous about trying to get it past my tongue and down my throat. Oddly enough, with the addition of the lemon, it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd anticipated.

My first few days I seriously considered adding in raw, local honey (which many people recommend) to make the tonic more palatable but I'm glad that I held steady because now when I drink the tonic, it tastes great just as it is. Honey is wonderful and has many health benefits of its own (raw and local) but I've got insulin issues so if I can avoid it, I'd prefer to.

So, to recap, I add 2 teaspoons of raw, organic ACV along with the juice of half of one lemon (about 1 tablespoon) to 8-12 ounces of ice water and drink that before each meal.

I've been doing this for about five days and have lost two pounds. I hope that helps somebody! :)

Jan 14, 2012
What is the recommended dosage for weight loss it seems to vary
by: Anonymous

I'm interested in taking the avc for weight loss but I'm confused as to how much you take and do you take it with water or without water once a day or before every meal.

I would appreciate any input.

Thank you

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