I was ready to pull out my $1800.00 extensions, but ACV saved the life in my hair!!

by Nicole Mc.

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I am a light blonde woman with very fine hair.

Since I felt like I can't get the thickness and fullness or length of the hair I would love, I started having Hair Extensions put in.

I absolutely love them, except that over time it always seems like they begin to become dull, lifeless and frizzy.
I was so frustrated, a couple of weeks ago I started chopping at the ends to trim off the dead ends.
Needless to say, 4 inches later I was in tears over what I did to my long, beautiful hair. I was using all the best hair care products (kerstaste, matrix, etc...) and even had a high end water softner installed in my home, but was still having many problems with my hair.
I tried to go a day between washings-but my mane always looked greasy, disheveled and just icky-so this was a rare option. A friend mentioned that I should try a apple cider vinegar rinse to add life back into the scalp and the ends to improve styling and texture.

BOY, What a difference it made!!!! After just one treatment in the shower (and yes, I held my nose the entire time!) It was soft, beautiful and shiny. I finally had my old hair back, and looking better than ever! I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering with tired, lifeless, dull and frizzy hair. It made all the difference in the world!
And best of all...it doesn't even damage the bonds in the extensions-so it looks great with or without them!

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May 30, 2024
Fantastic! NEW
by: Rupert Buble

But why did you hold your nose in the shower?

Jan 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

It works :-) I will be treating my hair again today, Im also gonna finish with a tea tree wash (scalp only) and I also dry my hair in the sun and wind naturally.

I live in Perth, Western Australia so the sun and wind here are like a natural blow dry.

Thanks heaps

Sep 14, 2007
Hair Care with Apple Cider Vinegar
by: Anonymous

A simple vinegar rinse!
Nicole, what a great (not to mention cost effective) way to get tired, lifeless hair - with or without extensions- looking better than ever.

Thanks for sharing.

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