by Jane
(Oxford, UK)

I've just started this ACV tonight, 2 spoons in water in a wine glass, and have filled a 500m water bottle with water and about 30-40ml of ACV.

I must admit that the only ACV in the local supermarket tonight is refined, its not Braggs, in fact I have yet to find out if I can obtain it here in the UK.

But FUNNY! after the first glass this evening of my new brew I went outside to the shop and felt so good walking along!

Will try and get hold of Braggs or similar tomorrow in town (I live in Oxford, UK) and I'll record my experiences as I go on the site.

I want to use it for general good health and to help me lose the excess horrible spare tyre I have flobbing round my waist. Of course I try to eat well and keep fit but I do that anyway but can't seem to shift the flab.

Thanks folks for all your stories, they're inspiring me to get some real ACV and try this for myself.


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