It's true!! Yes ACV works for weight loss....

by Starr Green
(ST Matthews, S.C. USA)

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After having my last child and knowing I wasn’t going to have anymore, I started searching for a great and natural diet plan.

My weight was 200 pounds after my child, before I got pregnant I was 180. I desired to be that smaller figure once again so bad. I did everything but I didn’t stick to it.

A friend told me that she tried apple cider vinegar and lost a lot of weight, I thought oh well why not. The taste was like yuk!! but I manage to go through with it every night twice a night.

Believe it or not I started feeling the results before seeing them. I dropped weight that same month, and then came the next month. My weight went down from 200 to 178. Wow!!

I felt great!!! I looked great!! It is a wonderful diet plan and it works for real!!!!! I even tried the acv pills but found that it's better when you drink it, I think it works faster.

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Jun 23, 2018
No weight loss yet, but was doing it wrong.
by: Denise (Washington,USA)

I cannot handle the taste of ACV. It hurts my throat and it actually makes me feel a little drunk.

So, I looked up on line and found that if you take it in pill form, it works just as well.

They sell it at GNC and the clerk there concurred with what the internet reported. I don't know what qualifications are necessary to be a retail clerk at a GNC but I would hope they know their products.

Well, I will find out.

Aug 05, 2011
9 lbs in 6 days
by: leena

Yes, ACV works.
I had so much difficulty in losing weight. Tried so many things but all in vain.

Then sm1 recommended ACV + honey + garlic mix. I finally found my medication for weight loss.

Hope it works for all you out there. 1 cup ACV + 1 cup honey + 10 cloves of garlic.

Mar 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

After my daughter lost 20 lbs and her friend at work lost 26 lbs I was convinced to try it.

I drink 1/4 cup in the morning with apple and grape juice. Every day the taste gets more tolerable. I have been doing it for 6 days and honestly lost 7 lbs already.

Its so awesome. I'm very excited to see how much I lose in a month. Blessings, Hope it works for others

Dec 16, 2009
help me to lose weight
by: Anonymous


I started using acv about three weeks now. I am not seeing any results,it is very depressing trying to lose weight, i want to lose at lease ten pounds can anyone advice me on how i should go about doing so and how long it takes to actually see results

I await your comment

thank you

Jun 02, 2009
wow...I am desperate to loose weight too...
by: Hyatie

I am working as Health Coach...everyday I told my clients to look after themselves and have a healthy weight ....but I my self...instead of controlling my food (less carbs) and more fibers...keep on piling's really a shame..

Your story gives me some motivation...I had started taking it today!

Wish me good luck, ya :)

Feb 04, 2009
You just made my day just by seeing your testimony
by: michelle

Am over weight and am looking for a natural diet plan to follow up.

Ok, I heard that ACV was supposed to be a good thing to try.

Did it really help you??? Well it's worth the try to see. I also desire to be on the thinner side real soon.

Can't wait to try.

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