I've lost 3 KG in a month with ACV & Molasses

by Gevie
(Dubai, UAE)

ACV and Molasses

ACV and Molasses

French translation

It was the first week of June when I first saw a doctor for a very bad dry cough which might have been just a "QUIT FLU" as I have stopped smoking last March. The doctor gave me 2 bottles of cough syrup, an antihistamine, and an antibiotic. And on top of that I was told I have high blood pressure and that I have to start taking medication. Borderline BP that has a tendency to a little bit elevated.

Because of he BP issue I started eating salad, vegetable and fruits only, no carbs as much as possible. No fatty food, and I started walking on my treadmill 30mins per day, 5 times a week.

After 2 weeks I finished the medication, I still feel bad with very dry cough and my back still feels heavy. However I kept my diet and my exercise routine. I had not lost any weight at this point even after forcing myself to stick to my diet and exercise routine.

I read somewhere about the bitter gourd juice. So I drank the juice twice a day and I swear the first glass of juice I felt as if something was lifted up from my back. It felt like the heavy thing in my back just got melted.

2 days after, I got a sinusitis, so I took 2 tbsp of ACV and 1tbsp of Blackstrap molasses in warm water and took it 3x a day.

after a few days of taking ACV and molasses I weighed in and I couldn't believe my eyes, when I saw that I'd lost 2 kg.

When I felt better, I stopped taking bitter gourd juice 2x a day, now I take it only once a day. I still continued to take ACV and molasses 3x a day and salads and soup and exercise. Now I can workout up to 1 hr per day, 5 times a week. After a few more days i'd lost another 1KG.

I am now feeling better, no colds, BP is a little down the borderline BP reading. I will continue taking ACV and molasses, diet and exercise to see if I can lose 12kg more as I really need to lose 15kg.

Wish me luck, I wish ACV and molasses has the same effect on everyone as it has on me.

I've done a lot of dieting before but I never lost any weight which discouraged me to continue my journey in losing weight, but I hope this time i will continue to lose more weight.

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