Just started ACV

by Amber
(Toronto, Canada)

French translation

I'm 23 years old. Over the past year and a half, I have gained 25 lbs due to anxiety eating and bad habits…

I weighted myself last week (I do not own a scale at home) and I was 155 lbs...
My goal is 135 because I still enjoy being curvy... I just want to lose some weight in my hips and love handles also in my thighs, stomach and face.

I started dieting 14 days ago, and by dieting I mean I've been watching my calorie intake down to 1000 to 1200 a day and eliminated pasta, bread, juices and unnecessary snacks due to night cravings... I've also been drinking a little more water (I'm still struggling with drinking more water when I'm not thirsty) and black coffee. I've been eating a lot of vegetables, tuna, cabbage soup, fruits, etc. This probably is helping me on its own because although I haven't weighted myself yet, I notice a little change and I also feel great! I don't exercise much but I try to walk at least an hour 4 to 5 times a week.

I heard about ACV my whole life. My mother swore by it! When I was adolescent, I had really bad acne and nothing could help it. One day my blood pressure was really low and I fainted. My mom put ACV on my face to reanimate me with the smell. The day after, I noticed my acne had improved a lot. So it does help for acne!

I went to the store and bought a bottle yesterday. I love the taste...
Maybe I'm weird but I've always loved pickled stuff and vinegar. I actually drink it straight out of the cap of the bottle like syrup. I started yesterday and had about 4 tablespoons each day and also this morning with an empty stomach and tonight. I was really hungry tonight and was craving food but I saw the bottle and took a sip... I'm not hungry anymore. So, I'm pretty convinced it works!

I'm gonna continue dieting this week and continue ACV all day with each meal... I will post my progress soon... Can't wait to weight myself! I'm excited.

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