Lost Inches, No Pounds (Yet!) with ACV

by Kelcy
(California, USA)

French translation

I found out about ACV when I was looking up how Megan Fox loses weight. In an interview, she said she drank ACV before meals. I started researching, found this site, and was motivated to try it.

I throw shot put on the track team & have to wear a super tight spandex top as part of the uniform. I did not want a tummy bulge for the last spring season so 2 weeks before, I started drinking 2 tsps of ACV with water. After a week my teammates - people that I don't even really know that well - said my waist looked a lot smaller!

I stopped drinking ACV and ended up gaining back the inches.

Two weeks ago I started drinking it again. I am 130 pounds and am not doing any physical activity. My father says I look smaller already, and I looked in the mirror just now & my stomach looks flatter. I still weight the same, but lost about an inch.

My mother started taking it 3 days ago because she saw my results. My dad comes into the room when she isn't there & tells me how much much the vinegar has helped her figure.

We now drink it before each meal, 1 tablespoon with about 4 oz of water & a tsp of honey. My mother loves the taste - I think it's okay. We microwave it & it tastes like warm, tangy apple cider. The honey definitely helps with the taste.

It kills my cravings for salt or sugar (or food in general). I didn't drink it before I went to work at the mall today & ended up eating more and giving in to my sweet tooth.

I use Springfield Apple Cider Flavored Distilled Vinegar. It doesn't have any mother & I don't think it's all-natural like everyone says I should use, but it works so I'll stick to it.

I also used it when I had a sore throat & it cleared that within minutes. Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing, and I will continue to use it!

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