Many positive results by day 3 with ACV :)

by JoAnne
(Pennsylvania, USA)

French translation

I have been taking 2tbsp of ACV mixed with water or juice 3 times a day.
On my second day of ACV, I had a terrible headache all day long, but on day 3 I felt like a new person!

I'm now on my 5th day and here are some things I have observed so far:
- I wake up earlier and more well rested. I am able to wake up without feeling groggy and going back to sleep for another hour or two.

- I feel more energetic all day long

- My appetite is suppressed. I have been snacking much less for the past few days. I even went out to a restaurant and brought about 2/3 of my meal home for the first time in probably YEARS. I always clean my plate or leave very little on it.

- I had previously had a problem with a lot of bloating in my stomach that felt very uncomfortable. That problem is going away. My stomach doesn't feel like a balloon anymore.

I'm waiting to see if I lose a lot of weight with this diet. I have a feeling I will and I'm really excited to see what other results I will have. I try to only weigh myself weekly, so I will weigh myself Friday morning. :)

Regardless of whether I lose weight or not, I will definitely keep ACV in my diet for the other wonderful results. :)

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Jul 14, 2017
ACV Helped With Bloated Stomach
by: Vix Brooks, England

I have suffered from severe bloating for some time.

After doing some internet research on natural remedies I decided to try ACV. It really has helped.

I have also cut down on carbs and try to eat a little more protein.

Overall I am very pleased with the results.

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