My Dogs' Smelly Coat doesn't Stink Anymore because of ACV

by CHanson
(Dallas, TX)

2 dogs

2 dogs

French translation

So all dogs get to smelling a little funky about a week and a half after bath time, that's to be expected, and with the daily runs that my two get, the summers have been ... well "hot n' smelly" especially for my chocolate lab "Bruce".

Bruce is adorable as all labs are but he had a funk that was waaaay out of the ordinary. He smelled so bad about a week after the groomers I almost didn't want to rub his belly (something I know he loves so much).
His sister "Blu" (my Australian Shepherd mix) on the other hand, smelled like a dog, not repulsive, just like it was almost time for a bath. You dog people know what I'm talking about. It was tolerable till bath time.

Anyway, I talked to the vet, who said it may be diet related or a thyroid problem… "The diagnosis" came with a hefty price tag of course! I switched to a holistic dog food, all natural and organic. It came with a "holistic" price tag too! lol. I knew I couldn't keep that up for too long and, needless to say, Bruce still smelled like a dump, moldy old rug about a week after a bath.

I had read it was best to give a bath no more than every 2 weeks, so I was stuck with a whole week of "Bruce Funk" to deal with before bath time. I resigned myself to Spritzing the house and any place Bruce lay with Febreeze, using doggie cologne almost daily on him (poor guy didn't like that too much) and scented pads in the air filters in the house, not to mention, washing hands with soap after touching him (not so much for the hygiene even though in the back of my mind I probably was concerned about "fungus or mould", but to get rid of the smell!) I was so paranoid that perhaps my house smelled just as bad. Poor Brucy... as much as I loved him... I felt so sad that he smelled so bad.

Then I came upon this website, around the first of 2010 and it changed my life!!! I was looking for a home rinse for healthy hair and I found the apple cider website... So I clicked on it and started to read. I found the topic on pets and while I didn't see anything about smelly coats, I figured I'd try the same strength rinse that I would use on my hair, to wipe my Bruce's coat with.

I have used it now 2 times between baths since Christmas, (its mid Jan) and I have to tell you, BRUCE DOES NOT STINK!!! He smells like a dog... (a clean dog) a week after his bath, but he isn't repulsive. As a matter of fact, his coat feels great and he actually smells better than his sister!!!

I am amazed at this! That cheap ol’ bottle of apple cider that I've had in my pantry all this time!!!! I don't know if it’s just the change in the PH of his skin, or what - and I don't use much at all; just the same strength as I rinse my hair with...and a cloth to wipe him down!

This is great! And I LOVE the price tag for this remedy!!! I will keep using it through the summer and if it works even on those hot summer days, I will write again and tell you all about it!!!!

Hope this helps someone else with a similar issue. Thank you so much for posting this site and the info on ACV!!!!!

CH in Dallas TX

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May 16, 2018
To Ray about yeast issue
by: Anonymous

I have a catahoula kur pitbull mix with a severe dry scratchy condition.

About 3 months after I adopted him I found out he had this condition looked into the papers they provided and saw they had been giving him that same medication without communicating this to me, I assume in fear I wouldn't adopt since he was there for awhile.

Never the less I found out grain free food essential oils sprayed in food and ACV has maintained his condition.

Forgetting to provide these things a flare up will definitely come back but all is well with the life by Tropiclean oils on Amazon and Nutra grain free food to be exact with ACV in food and sprayed on during bath.

But don't forget to give everyday, by the way he loves it.

Mar 15, 2017
Rocky and Linda g
by: Brian l

Washing dogs too much is bad for their skin.

You should put honey on the broken skin, it is the best antiseptic you can get. Put a lamp shade on his neck (or an Elizabeth collar) for a few hours till the honey sets in and start working.

Apple cider vinegar with the mother is very good; it does work.
Linseed oil is good and honey is good in food every 2 weeks.

Cut out protein for a few weeks. Give him pasta with low protein dog food. He can eat as much pasta as he wants.

I have 11 pet dogs, 30 to 50 racing dogs at any one time. I never take my dogs to a vet. I am their vet. They are in top shape.

You have to love them back more than anything. Animals know more than doctors and vets put together.

The only thing a lot of love for money money. Some day my dogs give me the lotto numbers that's how clever they are...

Give Rocky a few weeks and he will be fine ok.

Mar 14, 2017
Here is the medicine...
by: Anonymous

Hi there, the vet prescribed Ketoconazole along with a shampoo with a similar compound. He also prescribed an anti-itch medicine, but the yeast smell and scabs are completely gone.

Once again, I had hoped that the ACV would work as I take it daily myself, but it just didn't do the trick.


Mar 14, 2017
Yeast infection
by: Anonymous

What medicines did he give you for the yeast infection?

Mar 03, 2017
So sad it didn't work!
by: Ray R

My dog suffered the exact same symptoms as described.

I began using regular ACV for a week without results.

I drove 30 miles to get Braggs Organic ACV and tried for another 2 weeks. (I made a mixture of 50/50 ACV and water. Used a spray bottle to spray the underside of the dog's coat and rub the mixture in to his skin (He is a 10 year old Border Collie with a double coat) 2x per day. Sheesh, did that make the dog and house stink!

The application temporarily soothed his skin, but withing a few hours he was scratching like crazy.

Finally decided a trip to the vet was in order. This had been a problem for 3 months! He agreed that the issue was a yeast problem. He prescribed 2 medications (for 2 weeks) and the itching and bad smell stopped overnight. $320 later I have a happy itch free dog.

I hope the ACV works for you, unfortunately it was a complete bust for me and my dog.

Oct 10, 2016

I have an eight year old lab that has had skin allergies most of his life in the summer.
We had had lots of trips to the vet and spent tons of money on medications that didn't seem to do much.

His allergy shots gave him diabetes and went blind.

When his skin starts to break out in a rash he can start to smell bad. Did the standard bath and would help for a few days but then get bad again.

I ran across this article and figured give it a try.

A few years back, had bought a bar of emu soap at a craft fair and forgot about it.
I found the soap and gave him a good bath with that first. Then mixed up a large drinking glass with about one third acv and the rest water.
I soaked a wash cloth in it and would rub it over his belly and sides of face that were broke out. The rest would just poor over him and rub in. Let it sit for a few minutes and then just a light rinse with water.

After drying off he smells like a fresh salad.
Keeps working, stopped the red rash and the smell.

Don't know if will keep working long term, but I have done this three times, once every two weeks.

Have a happy and good smelling pooch.
Thanks so much.

Sep 15, 2016
ACV mixture for canine seborrhea
by: Anonymous

Our two German shepherds Monty and Bear (same litter brothers) are so different that I was surprised the same mix I created didn't have to be altered for Monty and then for Bear.

I was spraying only ACV by Braggs diluted with water (when I started this fun dog mommy journey), for the horrendous musty, moldy stench radiating from them both, and rubbing it into their skin.

It worked, but it wasn't healing any scaly skin patches that kept coming back.

So I got a spray bottle, poured in 1/2 cup Braggs ACV along with 1 TBSP hydrogen peroxide, and topped it off with cool water.
**Variations should be done depending on size of your dog**
I used a 1/2 gallon spray bottle.
This combo was, "Ding -Ding-Ding", a Winner!

I made sure to soak the areas and rub into skin where the scaly skin was at its worse and then start spraying the other.

Once I was finished with dog number 1 would return to number 2 and brush him gently with a paddle brush (don't use sharp or harsh bristles because it will hurt them due to irritated

When finished I would spray my hands lightly and then rub their cheeks, head, snout, chin, and neck areas. Brush of you want but not necessary.

I did this, for MY fur children, twice, sometimes 3 times a day until seborrhea was under control and awful stench eliminated.

Remember to VACUUM daily after second spraying or you'll still smell the stench and think it's still your dog(s)! Brushing them removes the bad skin and hair and even just a little hair on the floor or carpet will smell.

Some people that tried my combination modified it a little adding a little drop of blue dawn dish soap, neem oil (problem is water has to be hot to break up thick oil and when cooled, it can clog the spray nozzle), others increased the amount of ACV with good results.

Also, I found that spraying and rubbing the solution in after drying them from the rain works amazingly well.

**Remember you are the only one who knows your dog(s) and what they can handle or not handle. Always try & test a small area first to make sure your dog doesn't react to anything**

Aug 28, 2016
Stinky Great Dane
by: L Wuksta

Yes have done all these things many times, try this medication or try that medication .

Had groomers in, had hot water installed outside so he can be bath at anytime.

And still he stinks, but let me say he has now been on the ACV treatment for 3 days and still no smell. Woohoo so excited.

Aug 26, 2016
Go to a groomer
by: Anonymous

If you're bathing your dog then he or she gets a rash or dry flakes afterwards, you're not rinsing out the shampoo.

If your dog stinks/oily coat and skin that you can smell on your hand after petting him/her take your dog to a groomer first. They have the right shampoos and other products to use, and have the equipment to properly clean, dry and brush out the dog.

If your dog continues to smell, the dog needs medical care of a veterinarian.

Plain and simple, if a dog's coat smells either you aren't washing your own dog properly or using the right products, or the dog has a medical problem and should be seen by a professional.

Aug 17, 2016
Big smelly Great Dane
by: L Wuksta

I will let you know how it goes.

Aug 17, 2016
Big smelly Great Dane
by: L Wuksta

I think we have the smelliest dog in the world, we have tried pretty much everything that I have just read on here, except the apple cider vinegar.

I brought a bottle a couple of days ago, because I was told it helps if you put it in their food, which I was going to try once we finished the course of fish oil tablet that he has been on for about 3 weeks and helps a little, so anyway the bottle I brought is not cloudy so I presume it doesn't have the mother in it to fight the yeast, so will get my husband to go looking for it in the morning and then we can give it a try.

I'm so excited I can't wait he is the best behaved dog but stinks the house out and we can not let him in. He has smelled like this since the day we brought him home at 12 week old.

Jul 03, 2016
Question about ACV
by: Anonymous

Do you wash your dog with anything other than this? Oaktmeal shampoo and then the vinegar? My doc told me to use it 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 water. I use only filtered water and that seems to help. Um, that's for drinking. Never can be too careful. So, will someone go over the procedure of bath then ACV? I'd truly appreciate it. I love my little rescue Lhasa poo, and he's a cuddler. Yikes. the smell. Aghhh
Thank you in advance.

Jun 16, 2016
Dog with itchy ear
by: Anonymous

I have a rescue which was never taken care of.

She now has one bad ear with lots of scar tissue lumps almost covering her ear canal and is constantly itching it making it all red.

I have tried several things from vet but nothing helps. They say eventually, she will need radical ear surgery but I don't want that to happen to her.

I have heard about a rinse which is tincture of violet, boric acid and I think witch hazel.
Does anyone have that exact formula?

May 09, 2016
Instructions Please
by: Teresa

Do you just pour the ACV straight on the dog and rinse or leave on ?

Apr 29, 2016
Thank you
by: Alisha

Yes thank you, need to just read reviews and get the tip on the formula as in how much.

Mar 25, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hey ya'll,

Just FYI to you, raw ACV has acidophilus a probiotic that kills yeast. The "mother" is the bacterial colony which is important.

Yeast also causes allergies so if your dog has allergies it might be from the yeast.
Went through all of this myself. Had to cut sugar and carbs out to starve it. Had terrible rashes so I got allergy tested. Had a ton of allergies I didn't have before. All after strong antibiotics.
Hope this helps.

Mar 23, 2016
Smelly labby
by: Anonymous

Hi All

I have a labby and he really smells badly. His coat however is beautiful and shiny and he is just a happy dog full of energy. He scratches only occasionally and have tried everything already for the smell to go away.

Question: Can I use any ACV or does it have to be a certain brand. Also how much do I use in his bath water?

I am in South Africa and Im a first time dog owner. My dog is my life and I would so much want him to be inside the house more but my husband is so against it as he makes our whole house smells foul.

Jan 18, 2016
Apple cider vinegar is amazing, Do NOT use Febreze around dog, cats, pets, people
by: Anonymous

Apple cider vinegar is amazing it natural safe, and leaves no odors behind.

Just an quick note . Please, please pet owners Do NOT use Febreze on your pets or on any of there things! This febreze is not safe for anyone kills birds. It is NOT SAFE, Concern: cancer; Moderate Concern: general systemic/organ effects, acute aquatic toxicity, respiratory effects; Some Concern: chronic aquatic toxicity, skin.

I know as consumers we just assume that companies care about us, our health and would never produce things that would harm us or our pets, our environment in any way.

Please do your research and then you will know.

My friend who is in the know, really woke me up to cancer causing agents. I do not blindly start spraying toxic febreze, and or using dryer sheets anymore. Those days are over.

We have an unscented natural non-GMO and organic household.

We vote everyday by what we buy.

Oct 29, 2015
Love my Riley
by: Anonymous

My Riley..a Brown him so much! But he STINKS ALL THE TIME. PLAIN APPLE CIDER? Really? He has one more problem, he's so nervous and he chews him self "like itching". So is this gong to irritate his bobo's?

Sep 25, 2015
Australian Shepard
by: Louise

I'm with Chaz,...I'm.Australian and never heard of that breed Australian Shepherd till coming to the USA but Chaz we don't have this breed in OZ nor is it under a different name.

Though ACV solution food help my clean but smelly old yellow lab.

Sep 24, 2015
Part of the problem
by: Anonymous

Our dog is prone to ear infections ( pitbull and Queensland healer).

Part of her HORRIBLE SMELL Was her ear infections from food allergies. We cook her food now, just chicken, green vegetables, sweet and regular potatoes, and brown rice. She takes vitamin supplement. Her ears are infection free.

The body odor is 2/3 better but Her body still smells offensive because of her breed , so we use apple cider vinegar (Bragg) in her bath rinse.

She goes about two weeks without being smelly!!

Sep 02, 2015
My poor Church & Kyah
by: Flo. M

My dogs stink terribly, esp. my Kyah it's so horrible I want to put them out...

I am going to try the ACV but can I get measurements they are in the 50- 65 lb. range.

Thank you in advance.

Desperately seeking help!!
Flo M.

Jul 31, 2015
Dogs that scratch
by: Barbara

My dog was always scratching and chewing at her skin, my vet said she had a flee allergy they upped her flee treatment there was no improvement.

Luckily we had a new vet who wanted all the dogs to try a different flee treatment which I did, the scratching stopped and she is a different dog.

Jul 12, 2015
by: GSMommy

Look for Bragg's appple cider vinegar health food stores will carry it.

If it is a yeast infection antibiotics will make it worse not better.

For ears use gention violet with witch Hazel and boric acid, Pharmacy will have this all.

Put in a spray bottle over 16 oz. The mix is 16oz witch hazel, 4TBSP boric acid powder then shake well after add 16drops gentin violet then mix again. This will stain so try to do outside.

Squirt into his ears massage it for about 60 seconds let them shake after that, do it twice a day for a week and then once a day for the next one to two weeks and if you feel you need to once a month as a treatment it worked on my GS baby.
Good luck

Jul 12, 2015
smellie itchie dog
by: martha

I have been using white vinegar it has not helped much.

I am going to try the cider vinegar but what does it mean by the mother??? I don't understand what this means, I took my dog to the vet he have him a shot, a spray, and antiobitics and this has not helped plus it was expensive.

My dog is scratching and his ears are sores and bleeding. I want to help him. Thanks!!!!!!

Jul 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

Probiotic's. No sugar that includes foods that turn to sugar . Limited diet . Olive oil or coconut oil in food .

Bath time rinse in apple cider vinegar .

If dog is suffering you can give human Benadryl. Just google it will tell you amount per lb.

May 31, 2015
Type of dog
by: Chez

Thanks for the suggestion. I am going to try apple cider vinegar on my smelly dog.

But one question: "what is an Australian shepherd?" I have lived in Australia all my life-62 years and have never heard of this bread.

Perhaps we call them something else here.

May 17, 2015
Flaky itchy dry scaly skin on my Rottie
by: Patricia

My rottie had this condition. It was awful. His pretty black coat was dull, itchy, scabby and scaly all over.

Spent $70 at vet. Stuff did not work at all. Next course of action would be expensive tests. So I decided to research and research. Found a gal that had the exact same problem and decided to follow her lead.

I went out and bought a $5 bottle of Braggs organic vinegar that had the mother in it. It is a cloudier vinegar than regular vinegar and has more enzymes in it. I put it in a spray bottle with a little water and did a test area on my dog. I just sprayed it on, massaged it in, and let it air dry.

After only two days the flakes and scaly scabiness were lifted and he seemed to have no reaction at all. I proceeded to do his whole body, sprayed and worked it in. Within another couple of days, I brushed him out and scab particles just came off with the brushing.

We then bathed him to loosen the remaining particles and flakes, using an organic vinegar rinse. When he was dry, gave him another gentle brushing and was stunned to see no more scabs or flakes, a beautiful glossy coat and nice clear healthy skin beneath. I am not lying when I say his coat has never been more glossy and healthy.

You owe it to yourself and your pooch to try Organic vinegar. I use the Braggs brand because I understand it is tried and true, been around awhile and because it worked for me, that is the one I stand by.

PLEASE USE wITH CAUTION as with any new product you use on your beloved pup....Some pooches may have a different reaction. ALSO and very important...DO NOT use on open cuts or vinegar will burn. Check him over to make sure you avoid these spots.

I hope you have the same great succes that I did but do test an area first. The vinegar also seems to take the dog odor away. I bathe my pups about once every five weeks. Over bathing not a good thing.

It has been about two months since I first used it and my Judge and I are happy campers. He's gorgeous and most importantly, he is happy and comfortable. Good luck!

Apr 27, 2015
Swamp Dog Shampoo
by: Hattie

For stinky coats, try Swamp Dog Shampoo made by F.R.O.G. Soap. It's great on the skin and fabulous on the coat. Half the bar has activated charcoal which neutralizes odors.

You can also follow with a rinse of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water. Big dog, double the recipe.

You will love your dogs coat and your dog will love you!

Mar 09, 2015
by: Shelly

The skin of my dog is becoming dry and it is kind of very irritating for him.
I used to give bath for him twice the day and currently using a solution but he is not recovered completely. Is this a common condition?

Feb 27, 2015
Definatly Yeast
by: GS Mommy

My GSD lost his fur his skin turned Black and hot to the touch he was biting/scratching all the time (mind you the vet knew he was prone to ear-infections and was on lots of antibiotics before we adopted him).

Vet kept blaming fleas but could not show me flea dirt, I had bombed my house, sprayed and I use a water Vacuum not to mention brushing my three dogs and never finding fleas myself.

Claimed Mange at one point but my other pooches were fine.

After lots of money and tests which the Vet ignored I took him to a friend 5hrs away who was a vet (with test results in hand from his vet) to find he had a Thyroid issue (his vet ignored) not to mention a full blown body yeast infection. After medication to calm him and starting on thyroid medication, he started getting better but could not quite fully heal so then became the chaining of the food he was on 4 health sensitive.

Local vet (not to many around kinda stuck) wanted to put him on expensive vet food (with limited Ingredients) which I could not afford so I did lots of research, found a good limited ingredient food with help of family members who know things about dog foods from working in the field. He did much better but had one spot in the groin area that just seemed to not want to go away. So I was told to try Duck because most dogs are not allergic to it. It helped but that spot was stubborn. (Natural Balance limited ingredient dog food I swear by it) for treats he LOVES the Get Naked chews and canned Pumpkin and homemade pumpkin biscuits.

While researching how to help him I found I was dealing with my own personal experience of yeast overload due to antibiotics from a major surgery and winding up like my poor GSD. After lots of research now for both of us I started applying what I learned for myself to him and he now gets ACV in his food, 1 tsp per day and 1 tsp in 2 quarts of water every time I fill it but you need to use ACV WITH THE MOTHER or you are wasting your time (I know I tried this before My own episode and it did not work due to being regular ACV without the mother).

I also put coconut oil cold pressed, 1 tsp in his food twice a day.

Any Foods He gets always have NO Grains, NO GLUTEN, NO CORN, NO SOY, NO FOOD COLORS. Fighting Yeast Is a long Journey and can be expensive if you fully listen to your vet if they do things the usual way (ex. give antibiotics to fight a yeast infection BIG NO NO).

Like your own doctor for yourself and your pets, find Drs who think outside the box and listen to what you tell them.

Think of Yeast this way: feed it what it wants (sugars or anything that turns to sugar) and it will stay forever… but starve it and it will eventually go away (it could take over a year, or more, or less) but know that it can ALWAYS return esp. if you take any antibiotics.

My Baby is better, no thanks to his vet but to his Mommy who suffered like him and who would not give up and learned to research research research. Good Luck

Jan 15, 2015
Smelly dog
by: Jay

I also have stinky dog, believe it could be mild skin problem. Haven't tried grain free food (expensive).

So will try this. Wish you had included ratio.

Oct 12, 2014
Success with ACV might indicate yeast issues
by: The "holistic" pet guy

While there are many reasons and names for itchy skin in dogs it seems to me you might be dealing with yeast.

Does Bruce ever lick paws? Dig or scratch at his ears or get ear infections or brown build-up in his ears?

Yeast problems are common these days due to high glycemic foods. Many foods are loaded with potatoes sweet and white and they are super sugary.

Grains will actually cause the dogs body to produce sugars. Try switching to a low or ultrasound low glycemic foods like Zignature with some raw grass Fed goats milk as a kicker.
The milk is a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory.

As for "holistic" a little more homework. Holistic is not a defined word by the FDA. A quality grains free food will actually save money in the long run as you will feed considerably Less.
The ACV works just like any acid will. Lemon or lime juice and even hydrogen peroxide thinned down will also kill yeast.

Keep feeding a grain filled or potato filled food and you will be wiping Bruce with vinegar forever.

Mar 07, 2014
Dog Smells
by: Anonymous

(Translated from French)

I'm a vet and use only natural products, so I'll tell you what is the main cause of bad odors.


Shampoos have a very high pH that "attacks " the dog's skin. In self-defence, the skin activates the sweat and sebaceous glands that react in secreting in larger quantity, which makes the skin and hair greasy, retaining all the dirt, in addition to the odours released by the glands themselves.

A dog should NEVER be washed with shampoo, and if it has long and / or thick hair, it should also avoid getting wet.

There are dry shampoo , but they should be used at a maximum of once every 2 months.

The best solution is :
AVOID WASHING (with or without products )

IN FACT APPLE CIDER VINEGAR can be effective but again, be careful not to use too much because vinegar is acidic and could irritate the skin of your dog!

Feb 11, 2012
by: Linda G.

Thanks Everybody for your great advice and suggestions. My Rocky is better now, and his hair has all grown out to be beautiful again. I have not used the ACV yet, but I did take him to the Vet. After some antibiotics and a shot, he was well again. However, I was cautioned by the Vet that he might have mange problems and needs to have a culture done to confirm mange.

For now Rocky is better, but Summer will soon be approaching, and I hope we don't have the same problem we had last summer. One of Rocky's main problems was fleas. He is definitely allergic to fleas. The environment we know live in is full of fleas in the summer time, but I give him Comfortis to control his flea problems and take him to the vet for his allergies and skin problems.

Thanks and hope all goes well with your babies.

Linda G.

Feb 11, 2012
Mange problems
by: Tengaboys

Hi Linda G.

Your pet may have some mange problems. Please consult a vet to confirm on this.

You will need to change the pet's diet to holistic food. Do read up on ACV as much as possible. Too much may be tooo acidic. GOOGLE it up and READ as much as possible. A website known as earthclinic may help you out...BUT...BE VERY CAREFUL ON THE DOSSAGE!!

Good luck and you are not alone!

Jan 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

@ CH Dallas TX, No comedy on TV can ever make me laugh the way I laughed when reading your story about your dog whose coat stuck.

I too have a dog that every time she comes inside the house from outside, he stinks like a skunk, maybe worse, lol. I will definately try the ACV on her coat.

I already give my pets the stuff directly in the mouth with equal parts of water because I just started on the stuff just this week for them and my family.

I have two cats that have had a horrible skin reaction, including my dog, to a shampoo, so I will to the ACV on them, hopefully it helps them as it did with others.

May 24, 2011
by: MC from RI

Thank you so much for your article. I am desperate to get some relief for my two small dogs that smell horrible, just a mere three days after their bath with shampoo & conditioner!

I've even posted my need for help on my FaceBook page hoping that any of my dog lover friends will give me some sound advice.

But, I have to admit that your Apple Cider Vinegar remedy sounds pretty smart. I will try it later on and post back in a few days.

Thanks a bunch!

Sep 20, 2010
Itchy dog
by: Anonymous

I am sure your dog has allergies.

I have two with them. Give him over the counter Benadryl tablets to help with the itching. You may need to trial and error how many he needs a day. It will make him sleepy. You need to figure out what he is allergic too.

One of our dogs is allergic to grass, certain fibers in rugs, dust mites when you turn on the furnace.

For his itchy feet mix equal parts water, baby oil and yellow colored listerine (it is an antiseptic). Works better than any product I have purchased at store.

I also use hypoallergenic shampoo with alavera in it. If it is year round it is probably his food or something in his environment.

I know once we did food trials the seasonal allergies became more manageable. Good luck

Jan 28, 2010
My Poor, Poor Dog!
by: Linda G.

My dog has a very bad itchy, smelly, skin problem which began two years ago. He is so bad he does not sleep at night for biting his skin till it bleeds. He has lost most of his beautiful red hair and is now black with scaly skin. He is so miserable.

I bathe him, but it does not help. I love my dog, Rocky, so much, but I don't know how to help him. I cannot afford a vet.

Please help my dog, Rocky!
am trying to paste a picture of him, but cannot, because the option is disabled.

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