My personal experience with ACV "with the mother"

by Kathryn
(Tucson, AZ, U.S.)

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I am 45 years of age, 5'4 & unfortunately 211 lbs last time weighed.

My self-confidence & self-esteem has diminished immensely. Unfortunately 2010 was a tough & life-changing year for me, medically. I went from being a strong, vibrant lady to surviving 2 strokes, an aneurysm & breast cancer, with not even knowing I'd suffered the strokes & aneurysm & discovering the breast cancer by a "stroke of luck" as a MOM "Mobile Onsite Mammogram" that was in my work parking lot for 3 days.

I am presently suffering from side effects of having been prescribed Gabbapentin by my migraine doctor. Short of the long, my "other mother" has been taking Raw ACV "with the mother" for almost a year now. That's how I heard about it & I saw my "little sister" taking it & inquired why. I figured I had "lots to lose (weight) – 50 lbs to be exact & without looking anorexic & lots to gain.

I am always skeptical but will try alternatives without any expectation except "to see". I have to admit, something is working & I just started taking it this week. Instantly, it has done the following: suppressed my appetite, reduced &/or stopped my water retention, noticed my belly doesn't feel "bloated", I am noticing an immediate rise in my sedentary feeling, I also have high blood pressure & high cholesterol which I'm taking RX meds for. In addition, I'm vitamin D deficient. My doctor has prescribed me Niacin as I'm doing my best to not end up on a RX for the high cholesterol. The affects/benefits of Raw ACV with the mother are pending but I believe I'm going to see something.

So............if anyone reads my story, I will post a follow-up by the end of February to give it time to feel the full benefits. I've been referred back to my neurologist & see her in 2 weeks as I'm dealing with extreme constant dizziness, & seizures/"zone outs". This coming week will be 45 days completely off of the Gabbapentin to know if what I'm dealing with are the effects of the Gabbapentin (which is an anti-seizure drug (to treat migraines), a mild sedative & mild pain med (for the migraine pains).

The best way I've found to drink it is I make it into a smoothie: In one of those quick & easy mini blenders that you can use the blending cup as the drink cup I put: 6-8 oz. Vitamin Zero XXX Water; 3-4 pieces of frozen fruit (my favorite is mango, strawberry & peach medley, I also use fresh fruit when on sale), 2 TBS Raw/Unfiltered ACV with the mother, 6 pieces of ice & 1 pack of the Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Singles (4 calories, 0 fat, 0 sugars). I drink one smoothie in the morning, one in the evening & sometimes a late evening one for a snack & to satisfy my "sweet" craving.

If anyone tries this way, I would love to hear &/or see your thoughts posted.

"To be continued......." K

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Jul 13, 2014
update Kathryn?
by: Anonymous

So Kathryn, how has it been working for you these past few years? Haven't seen any updates from you?

Nov 24, 2013
Easy Weight Loss
by: Arthur (Meridian Idaho)

I have been taking ACV with frozen pineapple juice for about four months, and my waist has decreased about 2 sizes. The great reward is I eat about the way I did before the acv idea. I have not exercised or worked out.

Very pleased with the progress. I would suggest the ACV program as a worth while idea to lose inches and excess body fat.

Jan 18, 2013
Flu season
by: Anonymous

I heard about ACV back in the summer and I would take it here and there.

My son got sick with the stomache bug and I started taking it 3 times a day to see if it would help keep me from getting sick and I am here to tell you my son had the stomache bug my dad had the flu my husband had a bug and I am yet to get sick.

Soooooo, I firmly believe it helps your immune system also!!

Nov 12, 2012
migraines and weight loss
by: Gail

I started getting migraines about 6 years ago and have been on every migraine pill I could find. Most cause you to gain weight. I went from 120 lbs to 173 lbs.

I found Axert, a migraine pill recently. It is amazing but I hate pills.

I had ACV in my cupboard for months. Scared of the taste. Tonight I started drinking it. I'm 5'1".

I also have degenerative arthritis. I'm hoping it will help with that too. Wish me luck.

May 10, 2012
5'1" and 130 pounds
by: Anonymous

I started taking ACV yesterday because I have decided to make a life style change. I'm not yet overweight but I'm almost there and I don't want to get there.

I have heard of all the health benefits of ACV and the fact that when you lose weight from ACV it stays off! So why not give it a go is what I say!!

Would love to hear how everyone is doing!

Will keep you updated!

Jan 24, 2012
Works for my GERD also
by: neakybird

I had started taking 2 tblsp good ACV in water for my acid reflux and it really has helped a lot but as I usually do, even though something works I get lazy and stop taking it.

So, I started up again when the symptoms came back and it worked great again so I think I will continue now since I am reading about all of the other great things ACV can do.

I am anxious to see if there are any results in the weight loss department.

I hope everyone keeps checking in so we can all see what kind of results people are getting.
God bless to all,

Jan 22, 2012
Learned about ACV on!
by: E.C.

How old is this testimonial? So weird! I purchased my first bottle today, this was the only testimonial I clicked on and I too drink a smoothie (or 2) every day in those portable blender cup things! Awesome to know I will be adding ACV to my smoothies.

I also use a couple tablespoons of hemp seed. It gives the smoothie 11 extra grams of protein (not including the protein in the milk and yogurt) here's my smoothies recipe:

1c Mtn. High Vanilla Yogurt
2tbs sugar (bad I know may switch to honey now)
3tbs hemp seed
1 banana
2/3c frozen fruit (I like pineapple - for joints + strawberry and mango for taste)
2/3c milk
...and now 2tea-2tbs ACV!


I hope you're feeling better!

Jun 30, 2011
ACV for Migraines
by: Margaret

Two years ago someone had mentioned ACV to me for migraines, I take 2 tablespoons in a glass of water every morning and it has alleviated a lot of my migraines.

Prior to starting this regimen, I was having migraines every 3-4 days. I now only suffer with them once or twice a month!

I have suggested it to several friends and they too have had good luck with it.

May 16, 2011
Started tonight
by: Tina

Hi, I started ACV today about 5 pm.

I have had a migraine for a week. I heard about AVC diet on my pregnancy board (5 weeks 3 days since birth). I noticed, not even 20 min. after I took AVC - 1 tablespoon mixed with about 6-8 oz grape juice - that the headache was gone.

I had taken 30 "norco" in 5 days and they didn't help.
I also notice my stomach doesn't feel hard anymore and I had to go.... And I have gone to pee about 50 times.

Even if I get no weight loss I'll keep taking it for the migraine relief.

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