My third bottle of ACV

by Judy Miller
(Toronto, Canada )

French translation

This is my third bottle of apple cider vinegar in about two weeks I was 245 lbs and I lost 30 lbs since june by diet and exercising.

I was 215 when I started the apple cider vinegar last week, I started taking apple cider because I couldn't move my weight from 215, I think I hit a plateau. I have noticed that in one week I manage to lose 6 pounds, today when I weigh in at the doctor I was 209.

I will continue to drink it. I notice that I have been sweating more and my appetite decreased from taking it.

I will keep you posted on how much I loose by the end of September, 2008.

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Aug 15, 2022
Who knew? ACV helps me perspire more.
by: Lucy

I tried using apple cider vinegar because a friend of mine uses it.

It helped with my crappy skin for sure but best of all, I over heat in the sun and after drinking apple cider vinegar I notice I sweat and can cool my body temperature off .

Oct 21, 2010
ACV works for me
by: RITA

You should take 2 tsp ACV 2-3 times a day before each meal with 8-16OZ water.

I'M 5"11f,128Ibs and ACV works for me. I work out 4 days a week and drink a lot of water. Good luck to you all....

Dec 21, 2009
help me to lose weight
by: Anonymous

Can you tell me how to use acv, how many time, how much should be taken on a daily base?

Jun 30, 2009
what is your weight now
by: bishops_lady

can you tell me how you used this product?

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