No more itch- Eczema

by Tiffany W
(Avinger, TX)

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I have had chronic scalp eczema my whole life (28 yrs) and have used various treatments.

I did a ACV herbal mix with lavender and rose petals and instead of diluting it I used it straight.

I was happy to feel no itch the entire day into the next morning and a lot of the crusties are gone. My hair is also smooth, I had issues with keeping it in a clip the whole day.

Sure I smell like a pickle but my head is happy!!!

I'm also beginning to use natural shampoos tomorrow but the ACV has done an awesome job so far!!

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Dec 26, 2012
The end of eczema thanks to ACV
by: Om (from British Columbia, Canada)

For seven years I bore the discomfort of itchy, dry eczema with some hair loss.

One day I took undiluted organic ACV on a cottonwool ball and as I used this, I just knew I had found the remedy. Indeed , weeks later, no more outbreaks and bumps and no significant hair loss.

It balances the pH of the skin and I use it on my pets for itch and fleas. Great stuff. It is very good for rosea and makes lovely skin tone. OS

May 05, 2012
AVC- Eczema
by: T.Waites

I generally wash my hair every other day. I do shampoo (one without SLS- my new natural and favorite brand is YES To Carrots/Tomatoes/Cucumber. I was using Burts Bees products, but it seemed to leave my hair feeling thick, as if it had build u on it), then the AVC rinse and then conditioner.
Since doing this routine now for 2+yrs my hair is nicer and my eczema flares are way low. SO low in fact, I haven't done the vinegar rinse in a while- but summer is here and with my head sweat, I'll have to begin again- the «salty» bugs my eczema.

I have also cut back on my sugar intake (sweet tea, soda, candy, etc) - that seems to be one of my main triggers for a flare too.

May 03, 2012
No more Itching nor Eczema
by: Anonymous


I would like to know how many times you applied the apple cider vinegar mixture, because I suffer from the same condition.

Thank you for your response.

Apr 29, 2012
Organic ACV Convert
by: Ray (from Dublin, Ireland)

Had 10 weeping eczema sores on my head and had been reading about the benefits of using apple cider vinegar for some time but I was sceptical about using it and eventually tried it as a last resort.

Fantastic results and this condition has now completely cleared.

When the condition cleared I now use a light coating of jojoba oil on the scalp to and will use some apple cider vinegar at least once per week on the scalp.

The mix is one par water to one part ACV.

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