No taste ACV !!

by Rabia
(Brisbane Australia)

French translation

Hi all.

I like many ACV users could not stomach the taste.
So I came up with the idea of filling gelatine capsules with ACV using a syringe.

I take four of these capsules with a large glass of water before meals. I soooo own this method ;-)

Hope this is of some help. MAMALINA.

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Apr 09, 2011
Use NOW brand Stevia instead!
by: Anonymous

What a Hassle filling "enough" gel caps with ACV, to equal 2tbs pre every meal (Also 3hrs After dinner works best for my weight loss!)!

Adding any form of sugar (honey...) is Not recommended for weight loss on Many web sites!

I add 6 drops of Good tasting/inexpensive ( NOW brad Stevia per 1tbs, and chug it down.
Important to rinse "thoroughly" with water afterwards, or ACV acid may eat tooth enamel (per Bragg CS!)!

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