by Mira Wilder

Asleep with daddy

Asleep with daddy

French translation

I have a little Chi-Weenie (half chihuahua and half dachshund) and she's got the Best temperament of of both those animals and is a little lover named Roxy-Lu.

I noticed a growing bald spot on her hind leg. Plus she wasn't feeling too well, teary eyes etc.

When I looked closer and investigated, it looked like it might be Mites. It was red and raw and getting bigger daily.
I did not want to give this sensitive little dog medication for mites, I have heard it to be very hard on pets.

Being a fan Of ACV, I thought why not try something natural before I take her to the vet?
I tried Hydrogen Peroxide a remedy found on some sites to be helpful and it did nothing.
I knew that the apple cider vinegar, being a natural antibiotic and anti bacterial would work, but I didn't know how.

I started slowly holding her over the kitchen sink and talked to her and told her I was going to fix her leg so as not to scare her (she is very smart and understands English) and with out dilution of the vinegar I poured strait ACV onto her leg from the gallon jug I keep in the kitchen. " Bragg's" organic with the Mothers is the best one I have found.
It stings a bit so she ran around the house for a minute like those animals are prone to do. After that she came to me and SHE was smiling like Thank you Mama! I could tell immediately that she felt better.
In less than a day this problem was 80% better.
I reapplied and she actually put her foot on my chest to better get to the sore spot.
Two applications and the spot is gone and the hair is growing back.
I am such a fan of ACV, it works for almost everything!

PS. It is the best facial a woman can give herself. If you have ever gone to get a fruit acid peel from the dermatologist, don't waste your money. Get a little bowl, some cotton balls and first wash your face. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Then daub on the vinegar. Let dry naturally, and use a dove scrubber 9 bucks at rite aid (best investment!) and rinse off. Your skin will look and feel amazing. It is fantastic for your skin!
Then use Organic coconut oil to moisturize, and apply makeup as usual or nothing at all! Your skin will look ten years younger.

Oh yeah if you feel yourself getting sick, draw a bath and pour a quart of vinegar in the bath and soak. YOU will get better so quickly.

My only home remedy for anything right now is Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic coconut oil for moisturizer.


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May 25, 2012
Apple Cider Vinegar for Hot Spots
by: Penny (Laceys Spring, Alabama, USA)

My dog is a large mixed breed that has hot spots a lot in the summer.

I wet a cloth in water then put lots of vinegar on it and hold it on the spot (I also lift the cloth & apply more vinegar directly to the spot) for about 10 minutes .

After doing this just 1 time it starts to heal & looks so much better the next day. If I can apply it two or three days in a row it heals very fast.

Nov 19, 2010
ACV - miracle worker
by: Anonymous

I have just become a fan of ACV too. It is amazing for everything.

It cured my asthma of 18 years (I drink 2 TBS of ACV - Braggs organic raw & unfiltered, with 1 TBS of raw unheated honey in an 8 oz glass of mineral still water 2 X a day ).

Now I found out it cures warts, and I'm trying it on myself and my son. I'm sure it'll work after reading so many positive testimonials.

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