Sheltie's UTI clears up using ACV mixed in Yogurt!!!

by Sloan Waters
(Aurora Colorado, USA)

French translation

After reading the posts several days ago, I decided to try my 9 month old Sheltie on the yogurt/ACV.

She was also halfway through her fourth round of antibiotics for the same problem.

I gave her a mixture with 2 Tbs on night one, the mixture with 1 Tbs the next morning, then the mixture with 2 Tbs on night two. Finally, I'm putting it in filtered water, daily, for both of my dogs.

I scaled back to the mixture with 2 Tbs once a day on day three after reading that too much ACV can cause stomach upset. I believe this to be accurate, as on day two, she had stinky gas.

She is now peeing much less than before, she's cleaning herself less, and she doesn't smell bad. I have to admit, up to this point, I've been smelling her little potty every day because on the antibiotics, her pee still had some odor. I smelled her bottom throughout the day, yesterday, and now it smells like absolutely nothing.

I never thought I would smell a dogs bottom side before, ever, but hey, we dog lovers gotta do what we gotta do.

Moving forward, I plan to finish up the daily mixture until we complete a full week, then I will do the mixture once a week from here on out, along with adding it to filteted water.

I'm hoping and hopeful this was the solution!!!!! I think she'll be glad to have me no longer smelling and wiping her bottom on a regular basis. I want to stop that, too!!!!!

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